'Bachelor's' Final Decision "Was a Shock to the Whole Staff"
On Monday, ABC's The Bachelor came to a stunning conclusion when entrepreneur Brad Womack ended up dumping both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft.  However, it wasn't only the top two bachelorettes and the viewers who were in for the big surprise.

“It was a shock to the whole staff,” The Bachelor creator and producer Mike Fleiss told Entertainment Weekly, claiming that he only find out about Womack's decision on the day the finale was filmed.  “When we knew how he wanted to play it, it was like a morgue around here.  Usually at the finale there's a happy couple afterwards and they're all drinking champagne.  This time when it happened the staff just freaked out.  Everyone shlumped back to their cars.  It was really dark.”

Fleiss also said he “didn't see it coming” considering he believed that the top three finalists all had a good chance of winning the competition.

Many of the show's viewers have reacted vehemently to the Bachelor finale, but Fleiss said that while the outcome may have been unexpected, the show is “not supposed to be a guaranteed proposal.”

“It's about how men and women relate and date,” Fleiss said.  “It's about getting into the mind of a single guy and the mind of a single girl, and we certainly got that.  What he did was the thing that women fear the most — he became intimate and then split the next day.  The fact that it happened to two girls at once was a unique opportunity.”

Admittedly though, Fleiss said that the network was not very pleased with Brad Womack's non-proposal.

“They weren't happy about it,” he told Entertainment Weekly.  “They would much prefer a proposal and a happy couple like Trista and Ryan or Byron and Mary.”

Despite what happened on this season's The Bachelor, Fleiss said that Womack is a “great guy” who only failed to commit a little bit more to the women's happiness.

“Those girls really put themselves out there,” Fleiss said. “Jenni might have been more open with her emotions than any other girl in the history of the show.  She wasn't a blithering, crazy girl.  You felt like she was truly in love.  I really felt for her.  I felt myself tearing up, which almost never happens.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Entertainment Weekly
(Image Courtesy of ABC)