'Bachelor' Spoilers: Reality Steve Reveals Ben's Final Four, Then Gets Sued for Soliciting Spoilers
'Bachelor' Spoilers: Reality Steve Reveals Ben's Final Four, Then Gets Sued for Soliciting Spoilers
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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It's been a busy week in Bachelor Land. In between revealing the upcoming season's 25 bachelorettes, airing the extended trailer for the season and releasing a press release about the January 2 premiere (more on that below!), the Bachelor producers found the time to crack down on their show's biggest online secret-squealer.

Steve, Spoilers and Supposed Solicitation
Two days after revealing Bachelor Ben Flajnik's final four women on his website, spoiler king Reality Steve (Steve Carbone) is reportedly being sued by the show's producers for offering to pay show employees, contestants or others close to the production to "breach their confidentiality obligations." The producers are asking for $75,000 in damages.

Carbone has posted episode-by-episode spoilers about The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad for several seasons now. (Spoilers that, I feel compelled to add, we've cited often, because they're often spot-on.) He never reveals his sources, and has often written that he's never been contacted by ABC to stop. The spoilers range from minor (date activities, explanations of upcoming drama) to major, like who ends up as the Bachelor's final choice.

EW posted parts of alleged messages sent by Carbone to participants in the show, including this section of an email: "Let me just say, I'm very well aware of your contract. I also know that over 500 contestants have been on this show and not one of them has ever been sued for the $5 million. It's just a scare tactic. Trust me. Just like they had no idea you sent me that last email, they'll have no idea about any correspondence either. I know you're scared and a little paranoid by it, but don't be. Unless they are hacking your email or tapping your phone, there's absolutely no way for them to find out."

Steve released an official statement on his site, saying he has not been served a lawsuit, along with a statement from his lawyer denying "that there is a valid factual or legal basis for the threatened suit." You can read the full post here.

Back to That Thing about Ben's Final Four
Here's the post where Steve revealed who made it to the Hometown Dates with Ben. We won't know much about these girls until the episodes begin airing, but judging from this trailer, at least one of them is a big drama-maker among the bachelorettes.

And About the Upcoming Bachelor Premiere...
Steve's final four post also includes spoilers about ABC's press release about the upcoming season premiere, the juiciest parts from which you can read below:

"Erika, the young law student, informs Ben that the verdict is in and he is convicted of being sexy. Emily, the germ conscious epidemiologist, doesn't miss a beat, quickly sanitizing both herself and Ben before grabbing the season's first kiss. And in a questionable move, Anna decides that Ben should only get a look at her before she struts right by him and straight into the mansion. But Ben is taken aback when Sheryl, a sprite senior citizen, confesses she is madly in love with him. But what is her real motive? Finally, making her grand entrance, Lindzi arrives on horseback in time to intrigue Ben and capture his attention. 

As the party begins and the "first impression" rose is brought out, the competition ramps up. Shawn, a single, athletic mom, pulls Ben aside for a quick soccer game. Elyse, an attractive personal trainer, commands Ben to do pushups. Emily decides to show Ben a different side of her personality as she performs a rap she wrote just for him. However, when Jenna, a sensitive New York blogger, is brought to tears by the more forceful Monica, there are storm clouds ahead -- particularly since Monica seems a lot more interested in Blakeley then Ben. The commotion and cat fighting culminate in Jenna dissolving in uncontrollable tears."

Want to put faces, ages and occupations to those names? Check out Ben's 25 aspiring brides here:

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