'Bachelor' News Roundup: 'Bachelor Pad' 2 is On, Steve's Finale Spoilers Were Off
'Bachelor' News Roundup: 'Bachelor Pad' 2 is On, Steve's Finale Spoilers Were Off
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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We're down to the final two on The Bachelor, and you know what that means: We're already looking ahead to the next season of The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad, and it's time once again to question everything we thought we knew (or that Reality Steve knew, rather) about the finale. Plus: next week is the Women Tell All. What are we in for? Now those are some Steve spoilers I think are probably spot-on. Read on for the latest:

Despite all my pleas and prayers,
ABC has elected to renew Bachelor Pad for a second season. Our pick for the worst show of 2010 will return this August, so on the bright side, I still have a few months to figure out how to cover it without ending up in the fetal position after each two hour session of sexual depravity. According to EW, producers are "open to all suggestions" from fans for which former Bachelor and Bachelorette "stars" ought to appear (KASEY! KAHL! KASEY! KAHL!), so post yours in the comments! Might they also be open to suggestions for rule changes? Because we have some good ideas.

Now, to this season of The Bachelor. Finale spoilers discussed below! You've been warned.

As I briefly mentioned in last night's Bachelor recap (look at all the pretty animals!), Reality Steve came out and flipped his finale spoiler yesterday, explaining in a blog post that he was wrong early this season when he claimed that Brad Womack was engaged to Chantal O'Brien. Read the full post if you're interested in his (loooong) explanation for why he claimed Chantal won, and how he found out he was wrong, and to whom he'd like to apologize, and why we should all still have faith in him next season, but this is the gist: He's now confident that, after the Bachelor finale in two weeks, we'll learn that Brad is actually engaged to Emily Maynard.

Meanwhile, Bachelor host Chris Harrison is surely relishing Steve's wrongness, at least according to a few remarks he made at this Sunday's Oscars: "Be careful what you're reading. Let's all just wait and see what happens," he told the Los Angeles Times. "You'll have to see how it works out. Emily is a very different situation. One of those relationships where she has a daughter to think about, and she's very careful about how she handles that." One thing he can say for sure: The Bachelor is in love. Said Harrison, "We just taped the Women Tell All yesterday ... and he is in love and is happy as can be. He is so happy that he came back and did this again."

Women Tell All spoilers: The eliminated women taped their Bachelor reunion special this weekend, and Reality Steve posted some inside scoop from what went down at filming. Here's what he's told us:
  • The Hot Seat: We'll hear individually from Melissa (you'll remember her from her cougar outfit and weird feud with fellow crazy Raichel), Ashley Spivey (Seal!!!), Michelle (sing to me, Vanessa! sing me your song of sorrow!) and Ashley Hebert.
  • The next Bachelorette: They won't annouce it at the WTA, but will "sometime next week," and he swears it's Ashley H.
  • "Melissa and Raichel continued their bitchfest from the season. A lot of fighting and comments between those two throughout the course of the show." Oh, joy.
  • Michelle's time on the hot seat was "rough," says Steve: "Pretty much spent the whole time up there crying as girls started attacking her, with Stacey and Jackie being the two biggest instigators. Heard it got to a point where the audience started actually feeling sorry for Michelle and started yelling at the girls who were ganging up on her."
  • Brad will be there, and he gives Ashley S. an explanation for why he sent her home, defends Michelle, tells Shawntel he didn't dump her because of her job, and admits he sent Raichel packing because of her drama with Melissa. He'll also debrief with Ashley H.

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