'Bachelor Pad' Super Fan David Mallet: The 'Bachelor' Alums Treated Us as 'Outsiders'
'Bachelor Pad' Super Fan David Mallet: The 'Bachelor' Alums Treated Us as 'Outsiders'
You can either respect him for speaking the truth to his fellow Bachelor Pad contestant Erica Rose and telling her she was his target ... or call him stupid for doing that exact thing.

Whatever you may think, "super fan" David Mallet says he did what he had to doto protect himself and his fellow newbies, who were clearly the underdogs since joining the latest season of Bachelor Pad. In a conference call with the media yesterday, David talked about coming into the show as an "outsider," and also shared his thoughts on the Chris/Jamie/Blakeley drama, who can win it all and whether Erica Rose actually makes his life hell, as she promised she would if she wasn't voted out.

On why he felt he had to target the Bachelor alums:

David said the veteran guys were "more willing to accept us," while it seemed like the girls would make faces at each other behind their backs after talking to the newbies. "I was trying to pick out not just on how they were talking to us, but then how they were kind of acting. And we definitely got the impression right off the back that we were outsiders."

On why he aired his plan to get rid of Erica Rose so publicly to her face:

David said by the time Erica came to talk to him, she already knew about his plan, so he wasn't going to lie when she asked him about it. David apparently talked to everyone individually before he told Erica, and the people who were on Erica's side went right to her and told her about it.

"The only card I really thought to play is to be honest ... so at least she may respect the fact that I was honest with her instead of trying to go behind her back and her really hating me for it."

On whether Erica Rose keeps her word on making his life 'hell':

David says Erica does hold a grudge, and he tries to combat that with kindness. David said he tries to get through to her that she and Stags were the two he was most excited to see in the house.

On who he thinks he the best chance to win this season:

Michael Stagliano, because of how well-liked he is. But if Stags makes it to the end, whoever is standing besides him will most likely win, David says, because people aren't going to pick him twice to win.

On which contestant was different from how he imagined them to be:

Kalon, whom David describes as witty, smart and a fun person to be around. "You've seen Kalon on TV, and he seems like he's real jerky, and he's really cocky and comes off that way. But he is just playing a comical part when he makes those jokes."

On Blakeley overreacting over her partner Chris kissing Jamie:

David says while it was going on, he wasn't aware of it. He's sure in the next episode Blakeley continues to express her thoughts over the two, because she isn't happy.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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