'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: It's Lou vs. Lisa in the Boardroom
'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: It's Lou vs. Lisa in the Boardroom
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, the aftermath of last week's ending when Aubrey goes missing leads Lisa to completely blow up on Arsenio. It's just uncomfortable to watch because when Lisa gets riled up, she doesn't just say her piece and have it be that -- she goes on an overdrawn tirade, and at this point, I'm starting to tune her out.

Talk It Out

When Clay and Arsenio criticize Aubrey, she says she's been bullied. When she had been doing the same thing in the past to Dayanna and Teresa, she calls it speaking the truth. If Aubrey wants to dish it out, she also has to be prepared to take it from others too.

Aubrey also says every woman is going to hate him? Newflash: I'm a woman, and I gained more respect for HIM than I did her. I'm so sick of her whining.

Arsenio then tries to talk it out with Aubrey, who, of course, is just agreeing and swallowing the pill. Then off camera, she disses him again. She's such a fake, but it sounds like she DOES realize she has to tone it down -- for now, I'm sure -- and be the team player, so we'll see how she is from here on out.

Missing In Action

The next task requires the teams to produce a commercial for the Entertainment coupon book -- Dayanna and Teresa are the project managers. Penn, for the second time, can only offer part of his services, as he has to fly out for a show. But he tries to do as much as he can beforehand. Well, that's commendable, but it's bothersome that he keeps leaving. And he's not the only one. There have been others in the past. I understand they have appointments and obligations as celebrities, but they're letting down their charity by not being the project manager because they have to leave.

Anyways, Penn still does way more to contribute than Lou does. Lou can't even send email! He literally can't do everything. But Dayanna seems to have a firm hold on this project, even getting Lisa's praise for her leadership/contributions.

Risque vs. Conservative

Teresa's team seems to be getting along -- on the surface. Unfortunately, Aubrey looks like she hates her life. Her smiles are fake, she doesn't look happy -- basically, she doesn't want to be there. BUT, she does lay low. That is, until Ivanka comes over to check on them. Usually, it's the project manager who explains what they're doing for the task, but Aubrey interrupts Teresa. She can only try so much, right?

Teresa's team's commercial is very risque. Everything is about double meaning, with Paul cast as the father overhearing Aubrey the daughter and her boyfriend navigating the coupon book online.

For Dayanna's team, it's very plain, but they do a better job getting the information of the company and service out.

In the Boardroom

It doesn't take long for the punches to start being thrown. After the teams are shown each other's videos -- and I did like Teresa's more the second time around -- Lou says he likes the other team's video more than his! Way to dig your own grave, buddy. Lisa fires back, of course, pointing out Lou didn't DO anything to be emotionally tied to it. At this point in the season, everything Lou says -- ever -- is just all in circles. It was so predictable when he said he gave 110% (which is his most overused phrase) -- and that's his only defense.

But ... Dayanna is the project manager who loses this task. Lisa really sticks up for her, and when the camera focuses on Aubrey, who looks shocked Lisa would stick up for the woman the two of them would verbally beat down, it's quite funny. It's a bummer to see Dayanna lose. She WAS unfairly treated in the beginning by the other women, but the other commercial, side by side to hers, just looks like more work/effort was put into it.

On the other side of the coin, it's touching when Teresa says she really wants to win for the kid she's playing for, who needs a kidney transplant -- that she lost the last time and therefore couldn't help, she wanted to give it another go and really get the money for him.

You're Fired

If Lou hadn't turned on his team, I think the case is stronger against Dayanna to be fired. But one of the things I've learned throughout this series is to never turn on your team, no matter how horrible you believe your task was compared to theirs. Trump is given no choice but to fire Lou -- who hilariously says back he doesn't want to be fired. Sorry, Lou, it's a wonder you lasted even this long.

Next week's episode looks to be another good one, as the preview shows Lisa breaking down in the boardroom, and then Dayanna mocking her; for all the crap Lisa has said about Dayanna, she deserves it.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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