'The Celebrity Apprentice' Post-Finale: Arsenio Hall's Big Win and Possible New Talk Show
'The Celebrity Apprentice' Post-Finale: Arsenio Hall's Big Win and Possible New Talk Show
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
It's only been a few days since Arsenio Hall was crowned the winner of The Celebrity Apprentice, but there's already buzz about a possible new talk show in the works for the comedian.

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According to New York Daily News, Hall is talking to "a number of TV networks," including NBC, the network behind Trump's reality competition. If Hall were to sign with the Peacock, Trump will "more than likely have some sort of producer credit" for Hall's new talk show. TMZ echoes this report, saying three networks are "very interested" in signing a deal with the former talk show host. The site also stated it's unclear whether Hall's new show will be daytime or late-night.

Hall hosted The Arsenio Hall Show from 1989 to 1994, where he coined his signature whoops and dog pounds and made a name for himself in the late-night world. When interviewed after the finale, Hall's comments seem to support these talk show claims -- according to Zap2it, Hall's manager was busy fielding calls "all morning" the day after his big win. In an interview with EW, Hall said someone from Paramount (the studio behind his former late night show) called him last week about following up on his open-ended departure years ago. "The bottom line is, if Paramount wants me, I will go right back there and pick up where I left off," said Hall. "I haven't done it yet, but I'd like to tell Paramount, I'd like to come home."

Due to Hall's strong friendship with runner-up Clay Aiken, The Celebrity Apprentice finale was a relatively bittersweet conclusion for Hall, who refers to himself and Aiken as Batman and Robin (Hall is Batman). "Nobody respects [Clay] as much as I do," the comic said. Hall also discussed how the two decided to create an alliance to ensure that it was them two in the finale. When Trump called Hall's name, Hall says, "The one thing I knew was that Batman should hug Robin."

As for his frequent on-screen nemesis Aubrey O'Day, Hall says, "We didn't interact at all [at the finale]." When the pop singer entered with all her bodyguards, Hall "just stayed away" and "left it alone."

But with new opportunities in the works for Hall, not even Aubrey's cold shoulder could dull the comedian's "the greatest moment ever."

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