The Amazing Race's Rob Mariano Speaks About His New Show, 'Tontine'
Last week, we ran a story about Rob Mariano from The Amazing Race, and an upcoming reality show he's involved in called Tontine.  Information at that time was scarce, and what information we did have was vague.  We knew that Rob Mariano was involved in the show somehow and that casting calls would be occurring across the nation over the course of the summer.  We knew that the show would have fifteen contestants competing in mental and physical challenges across the globe for 100 days on all seven continents.  We knew that the players would be attempting to acquire all 15 keys, one of which each contestant begins the show with.  And, most importantly, we knew that the show boasted the largest prize in reality show history, $10 million.

Now we know a lot more:

Rob recently conducted an interview with Reality TV World, and revealed some great new information about Tontine.  Here are the major pieces of news:

- The show is, in fact, going to be on one of the major networks.  Rob wasn't allowed to say which network, but he said for sure it would be on a major one.

- Rob did not executive produce or come up with the idea for the show, as previously thought.  He is, simply, the host.  He will be a hands-on host, traveling from locale to locale with the contestants.  But, he will only be a host.

- He assured everyone that the $10 million payday is legit.  It's not one of those things where it might be possible to win up to that much or the contestants share it or anything like that.  Someone will win it all.  And, it's all or nothing.  The winner takes it all home, everyone else gets nothing.

Tontine, although the details of the actual game are still a secret, sounds enticing.  It's a big opportunity for Rob as well, although I'm still not sold on his hosting potential.  I like the guy, so I wish him the best.

Tontine will be casting this summer, shooting in the fall, and should air in spring of 2008.  That's the plan, anyway.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

Source: RealityTV World
(Image Courtesy of RealityTV World)