The Amazing Race: Zev and Justin, You Broke My Heart
Now this just sucks.

Zev and Justin were one of my favorite teams on The Amazing Race this season.  It's hard to explain, really.  It's not just their (mostly) cool attitude throughout the challenges.  It's not just their quick thinking and subtly humorous quips.  And no, it's not because Zev has Asperger's syndrome, although that helped in training the spotlight on these two.  Whatever explanation there may be, they're just the team that you'd root for without knowing why.  And I'm not being lazy.

Sure, CBS tried to cushion the blow by letting us know, in the days leading to last night's episode, that it's these two close-knit friends who'll lose their passports and put their future on the race in jeopardy.  Well, to be exact, it's Zev who lost his passport, and we all know that you cannot end your leg without securing your travel documents.  But still, it sucks.  It could've been a seriously delayed flight, like last season's Brad and Victoria.  It could've been a long hold at a task, like Marcy and Ron last week.  It could've been a little thing, like Kisha and Jen's restroom break, also last season.  But no, it had to be the case of the missing passports.

It sucks because it's one of those things that you very well know you cannot lose when you travel abroad, race or otherwise.

I mean, really.  We've been at this for fifteen seasons--I said these words before, but it doesn't hurt repeating them--and already, teams should know that losing their passports is inexcusable.  Never mind whether you take a while working the challenges.  Securing your passport is one of those little things that can mean life or death in the race.  It sucks thinking that Zev and Justin got too excited with returning to first place after starting the leg virtually in last place.  It sucks thinking that their momentary expression of joy led to a pretty costly mistake.  It sucks seeing their hard-built lead go fizzling away.

So, if you're going to run this race in the future, make sure you really keep your passports.  Stick them in a safe-but-accessible spot.  You have your belt bags, right?  Your heavy backpacks' front pockets?  I suggested stitching them on your forearm, but of course I was exaggerating--and of course, you know what I mean.  But none of these will take away the fact that possibly one of the most sincere teams to have ever run this race were eliminated too early.  Well, they're closer friends than ever.  But still.  It sucks.  A lot.

Time to look for a new team to root for, then.  I could give in and return to Maria and Tiffany, but they're making a lot of mistakes.  The other obvious choice for me is Flight Time and Big Easy, not because they're one of the frontrunners, but because they're similarly congenial.  Well, you know I won't go for Lance and Keri.  I think if Lance lost his passport, man, there'd be another war in Indochina.  It's world peace of my wishes of seeing him out granted.  I would've chosen the former.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CBS)