The Amazing Race: Season 12 Wish List
The Amazing Race 12 is about to begin filming.  Or, it's possible they've already begun.  It's hard to know these things for sure.  For fans of The Amazing Race, the wait until next season is longer than normal, seeing as how CBS only elected to produce one season for the 2007-2008 TV season, rather than the usual two.  The Amazing Race 12 will premiere in early 2008. 

Those viewers who have been with the show since the first season know how much it's evolved over the years.  There have been subtle changes (easier tasks) and big ones (less fast forwards, invent of the “Yield”); aspects of the series change every season.  With that in mind, there are a few things that could stand to be altered, or even completely changed, going into next season of The Amazing Race

Wish #1 – Cast Dr. Will and Mike Boogie

Will Kirby and Mike Malin are best known as cast members on Big Brother 2 and Big Brother 7: All-Stars.  If you're familiar with their work, you know how incredibly entertaining they are in front of a camera.  The duo had hinted during Big Brother that they had been in talks with CBS about being a team on The Amazing Race.  Not only would this make Big Brother fans incredibly happy, it would add a dynamic and entertaining team to the Race. 

Wish #2 – More Difficult Clues

Remember when teams would receive only a picture or a mysterious word or phrase to guide them to their next destination?  These days, it seems that teams are told exactly where to go all the time.  Make these players think a little, CBS!  The Amazing Race shouldn't be easy.  This will make the whole enterprise more dependent on skill than luck.  Luck has become far too important over the years.

Wish #3 – Less Bottlenecks

I've always been of the belief that teams who get out to big leads should be rewarded.  Every episode in recent seasons (well, to be honest, every season) have contained a point in which all teams will be put on a level playing field.  These bottlenecks unfairly penalize the leaders and unfairly reward those teams in the back of the pack.  I'm not against a bottleneck every now and then, but let's make it where it's not so constant. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer 
(Image Courtesy of CBS)