'The Amazing Race' Recap: Gone With The Wind
'The Amazing Race' Recap: Gone With The Wind
The Amazing Race may have been off last week, but in reality it's just a 12-hour pit stop. I can't blame you if the waiting felt very long, though. And I don't have much to worry about, because it pretty much came back with a bang. Well, at least one of the two Roadblocks were. Yes, there were two Roadblocks in one leg--a first for the show.

Fashionable cowboys: And I'm glad to say that the cowboys have got a leg-up on this leg, even if Cord admits to being intimidated with the sprawling metropolis that is Shanghai, China. I thought they'd have some difficulty with this leg the way they encountered some snags in Singapore, but they're really breaking out of the shell now.

Roadblock one brings them to the village of Zhujiajiao, also known as the "Venice of China", where they'll have to create a kilo of noodles by hand. That was a breeze for Jet. Roadblock two brings them to the Hongkou Football Stadium, where they have to solve a huge puzzle and distribute the arranged pieces to spectators by the bleachers, who will point them to the next clue. Despite the wind blowing Cord kept his cool and kept smart, using chairs to weigh everything down.

What's more surprising was the task in the middle of those Roadblocks: a trip to the city's Fashion District, where they'll have to pick out the exact clothes outlined in a sketch for a model to wear. "Don't let these clothes fool you," Cord said. "We're into the fashion world." That's unlikely--they got one article of clothing wrong the first time--but they oddly got their groove during the challenge, and throughout the leg, bringing Jet and Cord back to first place.

Brent needs a time-out: In second place this week: Brent and Caite, finally being the strong racers that they should be. Or was it euphoria from having U-turned Carol and Brandy in Singapore two weeks ago?

Like the cowboys, they also got a lucky break, staying in second place throughout the race. But the two couldn't approach the whole leg differently. Caite did the noodle Roadblock and found the person giving them the clue adorable. It's He Pingping, the world's shortest man, who unfortunately died just last month in Rome. She got her noodles tangled up but the time advantage saved them anyway.

While Caite was giddy, Brent was pissed. Really pissed. "I won't ask her to make me homemade spaghetti," he went as he watched Caite slightly fumble the noodles task. But when it was his turn to do the second Roadblock, and the winds started blowing his assembled pieces away, he just started whining. Just what you'd expect from the guy who attempted to quit in the Seychelles.

Tangled up: Not lucky this week: the brothers, Dan and Jordan, and the detectives, Louie and Michael. They unwittingly ended up playing together when their cab drivers, not knowing where Zhujaijiao is, had to ask each other for directions. "It's the blind leading the blind," Dan went, kicking off this loooong chase to nowhere, finally ending when the detectives found an English-speaking local and pointed everyone to the right direction.

The detectives got a leg-up in the first Roadblock, thanks to Louie's Italian heritage and his experience with cooking pasta with his mother. (I'm suddenly craving for lasagna.) The brothers hugged it out, but it's just last-place frustration: they eventually sped ahead during the fashion task, and really took the cake during the second Roadblock, when Michael found himself stuck with the puzzle pieces for hours.

But they got a lucky break: this leg is (as expected) a non-elimination leg, hinted at by Phil's oddly funny fake-out: "I'm sorry to tell you that you guys are out... in the cold!" But frankly, I'd rather see them eliminated, because I don't need these Carol and Brandy replacements around anymore, especially after their comment about Jordan being at home in the fashion task solely because he's gay.

Next week, we stay in Shanghai, where the brothers get really, really, really, really pissed off, in a way that reminds me of myself as a kid. Scary.

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