'The Amazing Race' Recap: Buses and Bovines
'The Amazing Race' Recap: Buses and Bovines
On this week's episode of The Amazing Race, the teams work their way across Argentina. We are starting to get a glimpse on the personalities of the teams, and I still don't think I like any of them. Off we go!


The teams start to leave before daylight and are told that they will receive their next clue in the town square by a Chasqui. Chasqui means a fast and skilled deliverer, but I think in the context of the show it means "a cultural relic to show gringos." The Chasqui doesn't arrive in the square until the sun comes up, which means that all the teams are waiting together. While the teams are waiting, the Female Feds reveal that they have been telling the other teams that they are kindergarten teachers. It looks like the game has finally begun.

The Chasqui finally arrives and the mad dash begins. Team Big Brother rips the clue out of Border Patrol's hands, which shows how they plan on playing the game. The clue has two choices, Boil My Water and Light My Fire. Boil My Water involves building a solar panel with no instructions, lining it up correctly with the sun, and boiling a kettle of water. Light My Fire involves loading up a donkey with clay and wood and delivering it to a lady.

When it comes to these choices, you should always choose the one with the least amount of steps which may cause you to fumble. This is why Border Patrol is the only team to choose Fire. Man, I would be brilliant on this show.

Get Lost

All of the teams start to build their solar devices, but they are all failing pretty badly. The only team who seems to have any idea of what to do is Team Kentucky, who started the day saying they wanted to tighten the noose on the other teams. For some reason, I still cringe when a white guy tells a black guy that they need to tighten the noose, but this just shows how progressive they have become in Kentucky. While the other teams are struggling, Border Patrol has gotten lost and drives about 5 miles past the trail they were supposed to go to.

Team Kentucky is the first team to finish the leg of the race due to what Hopper calls "Teamship." Border Patrol finally finds where they are supposed to go and finishes in second even though they lost about 20 minutes while driving around. Once again, this shows that you always take the challenge with the fewer steps.

They are followed by the Army Couple, Big Brother and Team Bozo. The next clue says that they need to go to a bus station and take an 18 hour ride to Buenos Aires. The groups are split into three groups, with the Country Cousins and the Female Feds on the last bus. Things are looking dire...

Bus Trouble

During the long drive, the second bus experiences a problem. It seems as though something hit the window and blew it out. Not only does the bus have to stop for help, but they are passed by the third bus. Uh oh.

While this problem is getting resolved, the first bus comes into Buenos Aires. The teams are told to find their next clue, which is on a horse statue. There they are told to go to a cattle auction and find out the average weight of the cows in a certain pen before the auctioneer moves onto the next pen.

The Army Couple and Border Patrol arrive first. Rachel and JJ decide that it would be best to work together and quickly finish in front of everyone else. Behind them, Big Brother's Rachel and Mark from Kentucky are left scratching their heads. While Mark diligently gets to work, Rachel starts blubbering and sulking around. Eventually, Mark helps Rachel and they finish the challenge.

As the top teams take their taxi's to the pit stop, Big Brother has a problem. They forgot to tell their taxi to wait, which once again causes Rachel to freak out. Brenden does his best to deal with her, but she only responds by staring into my soul through the camera. Eeps.

Sad Clowns

It's no surpise when the Army couple wins the leg for the second time, followed by Border Patrol, Kentucky and Big Brother. The (formerly) last bus has arrived and the Cousins and Feds get to work. They are followed by the now last place bus, which will make the final really close.

The teams arrive around the cattle yard at the same time, so it is all a matter of who is better at basic math. It turns out that division is not used in any course at Clown College. While he struggles, one of the Jersey boys teams up with one of the twins to leap in front of him.

The final teams come in as the Country Cousins in fifth, the Female Feds in sixth, the Creepy divorcees in seventh, and Jersey in eighth. As the twins come in at ninth, we are shown the clowns finally finishing the challenge in a now empty cattle yard. They put on their red noses and cross the finish line, only to be told that they are eliminated.

It looks like there is definitely a top tier involving the Army couple and the Border Patrol, but besides that anything is still possible. I still don't know who I'm rooting for, but I know now I am definitely rooting against Big Brother. A commenter pointed out that Rachel was crazy in last week's recap. You win a gold star. Good call.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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