'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: Whining About the Noodles, the Wind and the Fake-Outs
'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: Whining About the Noodles, the Wind and the Fake-Outs
There are many reasons to be glad after last night's The Amazing Race, at least for me. Jet and Cord are back on top, and we had a really good Roadblock along the way. But there are reasons not to be glad. I have three: detective, detective, model. Yes, I'll pull off a Brent and whine about a few things from last night's episode, but hey, I get paid to do this. Enter my post-leg honors for this week.

Last night's weirdest edit: that ominous music as the teams went through Zhujiajiao. Think of when the cowboys and the models got on their boats and went to their first Roadblock. Remember the music used? Why does it have to be so sinister? Nobody drowned. None of the boats got tipped over. In fact, the only wrong thing that happened was Brent confusing Venice with Sicily--and that's totally understandable already.

Last night's most annoying comment: "Jordan is in his zone with this task," courtesy of Michael.
All because it's a fashion-related task, and gay people do well with fashion-related tasks, and Jordan is gay. A part of me honestly wants to wring the detectives for saying such a narrow-minded line--especially since Jet and Cord, two perfectly straight men, admit to being "into the fashion world" and genuinely enjoying picking the right outfits for their model. So that makes sense then. The models disliked Carol and Brandy because of those personal attacks. The detectives disliked Carol and Brandy because of their sexual orientation. Or am I presuming too early?

The race's oddly funny Phil Keoghan fake-out: "I'm sorry that you are out... in the cold!"
With three teams and three episodes left, it's a no-brainer than last night's leg is a non-elimination one. That's precisely why I found Phil's attempts to make Louie and Michael think they're eliminated from the race a bit funny. And also the reason why I ask this: does Phil really have to do these fake-outs? I imagine the racers are already stressed with the idea that they're coming in last. He doesn't need to pile it on them. (Although this does not apply to Louie and Michael.)

The race's best Roadblock: the one with the puzzle pieces at Hongkou Stadium.
It would've been any usual Roadblock, with the wind playing games on everyone, but I loved the inclusion of the spectators at the bleachers. For some reason, it reminded me of David Letterman or Conan O'Brien or any of those late night talk shows--the feeling when you walk into the stage with a show to do, and the audience cheering on you loudly. It was funny seeing the racers actually hype up the already-hyped Chinese spectators. That, or they just want to go home. "It's dark! We have to go home!"

The race's burning question I shouldn't be asking: how come Brent and Caite are together? We've seen it again and again in the race. Caite gets annoyed, and can be a bit absent-minded, but she treats everything with a wide-eyed innocence and enthusiasm. (Although her excitedly telling the story of how she U-turned the lesbians while waiting for her plane in Changi is too much.) Brent, on the other hand, just wants it over with. He whines about the coconuts in Seychelles. He whines about the collapsed glass tower in France. He whines about the wind in China. Why?

My fingers are crossed that at least a couple of my reasons I outlined earlier would get the kick next week. My fingers, my toes, and my eyes.

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