'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: I Found Someone New To Hate In Paradise
'The Amazing Race' Post-Leg Honors: I Found Someone New To Hate In Paradise
It's common for an episode of The Amazing Race to be home to a mistake or two. But six? You've got to be kidding me!

Well, those six mistakes are not life-threatening in any way--in fact, with the Seychelles leg being a non-elimination leg, the only thing it'd cost the teams are time--but having all of them in one episode is something you don't really expect on a single leg. But the Seychelles is a beautiful country, and sometimes you can't help but stare at your surroundings in awe... which explains for the missing backpacks.

But those mistakes mean a lot of television gold, though--either it gets really exciting down the line, or oddly funny, or just plain annoying. But I won't talk about the mistakes. I'll talk about what caused them. Because if not for those things, we wouldn't have a pretty good episode to talk about.

Last night's exemplary award for actually knowing where they're going: Carol and Brandy. Everybody else mispronounced Seychelles. Allie didn't, but it seemed she just had a lucky strike in the pronunciation, only to be dampened by "I don't know where that is". For once, Carol and Brandy--they who dream of valet parking and hotel rooms--got something right because they're so well-traveled and all.

Last night's most admirable non-racing race participant: the man pointing at the missing coconuts. The Detour task with the coconuts was hard because the teams never know they're missing something--that one coconut--until the fruit merchant outright rejects them. I wished they made it harder by having the teams return to the coconut clearing and actually look for a coconut.

Still, it was amusing seeing this guy, watching out for every unsuccessful team and, using his index finger, pointing at the one thing they missed:


It would've been nice seeing Brent aimless and melting down though, right? More on that later.

Last night's challenge that doesn't seem like one: the message-in-a-bottle Roadblock. It's the sort of challenge that you can also do when you're on a beach holiday with family or friends... only without a boat, a buoy and a lot of bottles. Still, it's easy, and you get to see a little portion of the Seychelles' lush marine life. Or the beach. You know what I mean.

This race's new most annoying racer: Brent.
Joe's been eliminated. Carol and Brandy have tempered down, at least a little bit. So it's high time to give the honor of being this season's most annoying racer to someone else, and this time, it goes to Brent.

For one, he and his partner Caite aren't really the best team to watch--they don't do things right (and when they do, they get it wrong anyway) and they argue a lot along the way. It seemed to get worse in the past few weeks: they skipped tasks by mistake, they argued about flipping Detours, and last night, they reached a boiling point after missing one coconut.

What's more striking, Brent was acting like he's the only one racing. Sure, Caite was also annoyed ("it's unfair" over and over like a little kid) when they had to turn back, but she's still trying to race as hard as she can. Brent, on the other hand, was acting like he's the only one who was aggrieved. I so wanted to see him quit, because I've had enough of him.

Last night's adorable nickname for an animal: Box. "We named it after our dad because he owns a packaging company," Dan and Jordan said, referring to their (surprisingly fast) ox at the Detour. It's oddly adorable, both the reasons for the name and the effect it had on the beast. And yes, I was a little disappointed the name was not a reference to Lost's John Locke, but whatever.

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