The Amazing Race: Episode 10 Live Thoughts
Barring a ridiculous second non-elimination leg in a row, the final four Amazing Race teams should be pared down to three tonight.  My prediction for the night: Eric and Danielle are unable to make up ground from last place and are eliminated.  What follows are my live thoughts while watching tonight's episode. 

And we're underway.  Charla and Mirna's hatred of the Beauty Queens is almost pathetic. 

Where will the teams be going from Hong Kong?  New Zealand?  Fiji?  They've got to start making their way closer to the States, right?

Remember, Eric and Danielle are marked for elimination. 

Oh, sweet.  They have to travel, via ferry, to Macau on mainland China.  Macau is the new Vegas.  It's full of crazy huge casinos.

Once in Macau, they have to find the Macau Tower, the tallest building in the city.  At the tower, there is a yield.  It might come into play, because the tower doesn't open until 10AM.  Ozwald and Danny, and the Queens arrive before the tower opens.

Ooh.  Danny and Ozwald are out of money, or almost.  They tell Dustin and Kandice that they'll yield anyone they want in exchange for money.

The Queens discuss.  The two teams agree.  The Queens pay $45 for Ozwald and Danny to yield Eric and Danielle.  Again.  That's brutal.  But, I give it up to the Beauties.  They're doing what they can to win.

Charla apparently doesn't really understand the yield system, I guess.

Holy crap!  It's a road block and one member of the team has to walk along the outside of the 61st floor observation tower, and then perform a sky jump, dropping 660 feet to the ground.

This is crazy.

Kandice is game for anything, and has no problem jumping off the tower, having a good time while doing so.   

Eric and Danielle discover that they've been cruelly yielded.  Eric yells at the picture of Danny and Ozwald.

Danny does the jump, also has a good time.

Ozwald and Danny feel bad about what they've done, but don't regret it.  They had to do it.

Charla takes the leap.

The teams go next to the Luc Lim Loc Gardens.  That spelling could be wrong.

Eric jumps off the tower.

The taxi drivers seem to be having a difficult time.  Ozwald and Danny pass up the Beauty Queens.

Next, we get a Detour.  You can either make noodles at a noodle factory, or transport a large Dragon head and drum on to a boat.

Ozwald and Danny choose the dragon.  Dustin and Kandice decide on the noodles.

Danielle takes a spill on the street.  I laughed at her from my couch.

More taxi trouble.

“Doing the bull dance, feeling the flow.”  The noodle task involves humping a log that, in turn, flattens the noodles. Kandice is having a good time doing it.

Charla and Mirna catch up and meet the Beauty Queens at the noodle plant.

Dustin and Kandice finish the noodles.   Charla and Mirna make it look fairly ridiculous.  Eric and Danielle catch up with Charla and Mirna at the noodles.  And they actually overtake Charla and Mirna.

Mirna is pissed at Charla for messing up.

Danny and Ozwald wander the town aimlessly with their dragon head.  They are lost.

After the detour teams get to drive this little mini jeep thing to the next pit stop, on an island that overlooks the city.

It looks to be a race for third place between Ozwald/Danny and Charla/Mirna.

Ozwald and Danny finally finish their task.

Mirna is unable to drive her vehicle.  You'd think you'd really bone up on your stick shift abilities before going on The Amazing Race.

Charla and Mirna are probably going to be eliminated because of car troubles.

Dustin and Kandice arrive first, thus giving Eric and Danielle a thirty minute penalty, since they're marked for elimination.

Eric and Danielle arrive at the pit stop but now have to wait a half hour.  It's going to be a brutal wait.  While they wait, Dustin and Kandice tell them the whole yield situation.  Eric is not happy.

Danny and Ozwald have gone to the wrong place.  This is a nail-biter.  I love it when CBS puts the little countdown on the screen.  With three minutes left, they see Danny and Ozwald's car.  But, Phil calls them in to count them in.  They're not eliminated.

Danny/Ozwald have had a terrible leg.


Another non-elimination leg.  Danny and Ozwald are not eliminate, only marked for elimination.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer