The Amazing Race: All-Stars - Handicapping the Final Four

With only four remaining teams on The Amazing Race: All-Stars, I thought it was about time to take a quality gander at these pairs and see who has the best chance to win this thing. There's no clear-cut favorite, and that makes for a wide open last couple legs where, really, anything can happen. There is certainly some conflict between these four teams and, as we saw in last Sunday's episode, tensions are running high.

So, who is going to take home the million dollars? Will we see the first all-female to win the whole thing? Will Eric and Danielle be on speaking terms by season's end? Will Mirna stop yelling at me through my TV screen? What follows is my predicted order of finish for the final four teams. In all likelihood, I will be completely wrong, but it is amusing nonetheless.


4th Place – Eric and Danielle

I think they'll be eliminated on Sunday. Why? Well, after finishing last place on the previous leg, they are marked for elimination. So, if you take into account that 30-minute penalty, plus the fact that they haven't been getting along for a few weeks, things don't look so good. Also, I just think the other three teams are simply better Racers than they are. Eric and Danielle are fairly likable, and I'm not by any means rooting against them, but I Sunday's likely the end of the line for them.

3rd Place – Charla and Mirna

I know Charla and Mirna are good people and I know that Charla is inspiring and they give it all they've got and they're great competitors, but can we stop with the yelling? It's like getting a full hour of Stephen A. Smith on ESPN. Most likely, I see them finally getting slowed by a difficult physical challenge.


2nd Place – Danny and Ozwald

These guys are just solid. They don't make mistakes, they're decisive, and they rarely get on each other's nerves (The cookie thing seemed to be a fluke). Danny and Ozwald could definitely win the million, but I just have a feeling that they are not as physically fit or competitive as the Beauty Queens. Or as good-looking.

1st Place – Dustin and Kandice

For one, it's about time an all-female team wins. If it's ever going to happen, you can't put together a better team that these two. Athletic, smart, ruthless, and willing to use their looks as a tool to get ahead. What more could you ask for?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer


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