The Amazing Race: All-Stars, Episode 10 Recap
Originally aired on Sunday, 04/22/2007

Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5)

Episode Overview: The Yield Queens are back: but this time, someone else is doing their dirty work as the competition to make it to the final three in The Amazing Race: All-Stars gets fierce.

Episode Highlights:
  • Danny and Oswald continue to have money woes and come up with a creative solution which solves that problem but creates some enemies.
  • The Beauty Queens Dustin and Kandace continue to use every possible tool to put themselves ahead.
  • Eric and Danielle are marked for elimination, and they get an early setback that seems to spell doom for the two.

Oswald Mendez and Danny Jimenez have had the good fortune to come in first the last leg of The Amazing Race: All-Stars, but the bad fortune to have used up all their cash to do so.  The two have yet to recover financially from Danny's decision a couple legs ago to buy his way out of a Roadblock.   The two get some additional money as they start out this leg in first place, but it quickly dwindles as they make their way to their first location: Macau, on mainland China.  Nearly all of their cash is used up by buying tickets on the turbo ferry and taxis to get to the destination: the tallest building in the city, the Macau Tower.

The clue has alerted them to the Yield that will be available on this leg.  The two had previously decided they wouldn't use it, but as they wait for the Tower to open, they come up with a scheme.  The Beauty Queens, Dustin Seltzer and Kandace Pelletier, are in second, and will be arriving after them.   Dustin and Kandace can't Yield anyone since they already did when they made mortal enemies of Eric Sanchez and Danielle Turner.  When the Beauty Queens arrive, Danny and Oswald make them an offer, essentially, "Buy our Yield."  Dustin and Kandace talk it over.  Not only can they delay someone else, they can also ensure that Danny and Oswald don't Yield them.  They take them up on the offer, and give them $45.  They also decide that Eric and Danielle would be the best use of the Yield.  OUCH.  Those are two ruthless ladies there.

Oswald looks sick about this decision, and even sicker when Charla Baklayan Faddoul and Mirna Hindoyan arrive and offer to give them money.  Oswald tells them he wishes he had known about that before.  What I don't understand is why he couldn't go back to the Beauty Queens, give them their money back, and say they can't do it.  After all, they might be breaking their word, but it would be in service to an even more pressing issue of conscience: his reluctance to Yield.

But no go. And the Yield happens.  Eric and Danielle are going to be furious.  Charla and Mirna are disappointed in Oswald and Danny, and frankly, so am I.  But then again, so are they.

No time to focus on that, though, as there is a hardcore Roadblock ahead.  One team member has to walk around the perimeter of the observation deck.  Then they must take a controlled tethered sky dive off the side of the building.  Oh yikes.  Kandace, Danny and Charla each take the task for their teams and proceed in that order (the Beauty Queens switched to first place during the race to the cluebox.).  It's windy out and looks - to someone like me with a fear of heights - terrifying but exhilarating, and then I think: Wow, as brave as it is for the Racers to be doing it, there is also a camera person out there, too, walking the same perimeter, but with his or her eye through the lens.  And once again I am struck by how much must be involved from a production standpoint for The Amazing Race: All-Stars.

The teams all complete the task and race off to the next stop - a local garden - just as Eric and Danielle arrive to find themselves Yielded.  Needless to say, the two are furious.

In the garden, the teams now find a clue directing them to a Detour: Noodle or Dragon.  In Noodle, the team have to follow a specific method of making noodles.  In Dragon, the team has to carry a dragon head and drum through the city to a dock, where they must match the head with the appropriate boat.

Danny and Oswald, who have moved back to first after the Beauty Queens driver got lost, opt for Dragon, since they had a dragon-related activity in their first go-round on The Amazing Race.  It gets off to a rocky start, though, as their driver accidentally takes them to the final destination, not the start.  Is this some instant karma for their Yield?

Meanwhile, the Beauty Queens opt for Noodle and get started on the process of pounding out the dough and cutting it into noodles.  Unfortunately, their first batch is rejected and so they have to start again, just as Charla and Mirna arrive.  The Beauty Queens second batch is successful, so they race off to the next clue.

And the bad karma continues for Oswald and Danny.  Although their driver eventually gets them to the right starting point, Danny recklessly leads them off into the wrong direction.  Then it starts to rain.  Then they start to squabble.  I like these two guys probably the best of the remaining teams, and I am sorry to see them have trouble, but it definitely seems like their bad move is catching up with them now.

Eric and Danielle arrive at the noodle-making spot as Charla and Mirna's first batch is rejected.  Charla had directed Mirna to make the noodles thicker, and then they were rejected for being too thick.  Mirna lets loose with chiding Charla for her error.  I don't know how Charla keeps herself from punching Mirna when she starts on one of her "I do everything for the team and you do nothing and what you DO do you do wrong" tirades.

Eric and Danielle finally catch a break, finish their noodle-making, and get to leave the Detour before Charla and Mirna, putting them in second place.  They are hot on the heels of the Beauty Queens in the "Mini-Moke," a small jalopy type vehicle that they must drive five miles to the Pit Stop.

Despite the ramshackle nature of the vehicle, the Queens get to the mat in first place (to their surprise) and Phil informs them that they have won some wave runners.  Next to the mat are Eric and Danielle - but they can't check in.  Being marked for elimination, they have to wait for thirty minutes first.  And so their agonizing wait starts.  As they wait, the Queens explain why Danny and Oswald yielded them, but seem to leave out the fact that they selected Eric and Danielle in particular to be yielded, making it sound like Danny and Oswald decided whom to target.  That's not what it seemed like in the footage I saw.  Tsk tsk, ladies.  If you are going to be the Yield Queens, at least own it!

Charla and Mirna have their usual panic as they start off in their Mini-Mokes.  Mirna has her usual meltdown and tries to get Charla to drive.  They get stuck on a curb.  With these two, though, by now you know: this is how they race.  Panic and discord for another team might be the difference between winning and losing.  With these two, it's just par for the course.  Their squabbling seems to have absolutely no effect on their success in The Amazing Race: All-Stars.  Or, heck, they're in the final four, maybe it helps.  Who knows?  Anyway, we just know that even though they seem like they are falling apart, they will make it to the mat all right.

But Danny and Oswald?  Not so sure.  They FINALLY find their destination and complete the Detour.  They find the Mini-Mokes, but their hapless taxi driver once again takes them to the wrong location.  They are delayed enough to the mat that Eric and Danielle are able to check in.

Finally, Danny and Oswald arrive, in last place.  But...this is ANOTHER non-elimination round!  Huh?!?  Two in a row?  Well, I guess it's a good twist because who would expect that.

Danny and Oswald are exhausted and now, marked for elimination.  They also have Eric and Danielle gunning for them.  I have a feeling the next leg is going to be a rough one for these boys!  Join us back here next week to see how it goes and for an interview with whichever team is eliminated.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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