The Amazing Race: All-Stars - Episode 8 Quick Thoughts
The Amazing Race: All-Stars enters tonight with five remaining teams: Charla and Mirna, Eric and Danielle, Uchenna and Joyce, Danny and Ozwald, Dustin and Kandice.  I think the favorites have to be either Uchenna and Joyce (because they've won before) or Dustin and Kandice (because they are very good racers).  Who will get eliminated tonight?  Let's find out.  What follows are my quick thoughts while watching the episode.

Remember the sausage from last week?  Yeah, that was fun.  According to Joe and Bill (who we interviewed last week), everyone except Bill threw up, we just didn't get to see it.  Which is highly unfortunate.

Okay, we're starting in Krakow, Poland.  

Nice.  The next destination is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Danny and Ozwald and Uchenna and Joyce depart on the leg together.

Uchenna/Joyce and Danny/Ozwald book different flights.  Uchenna/Joyce's flight is riskier, with a tight connection, but arrives 45 minutes earlier than Danny/Ozwald.

Charla and Mirna don't let Eric and Danielle on the internet.  Eric is upset.  The world keeps on spinnin'.

Charla and Mirna somehow book a flight that arrives three hours earlier than Uchenna and Joyce's.  

Amazing how no one figured out that Charla and Mirna got such an early flight.  Their system (booking their flights on the internet) seems like it would almost always be the best way to go.  In my experience, travel agents don't do you a whole lost of good if you're only getting a flight.  

Uchenna and Joyce arrive in Frankfurt ten minutes late, are told that they're too late to get on their flight, but manage to cajole the guy at the desk to put them on the phone with an Air Malaysia representative.  And....we go to commercial.

Uchenna and Joyce are screwed.  They have to wait until the next day for a flight.  

Once teams arrive in Kuala Lumpur they have to get on a train and a bus that go to the Batu Caves.

The Beauty Queens take a different train than everyone else.  It's unclear whether they messed up or are just taking a shortcut.  

Next stop after the caves is to hit up a Kuala Lumpur mosque.  

There's a yield up ahead, where teams are able to stop a team in their tracks for an hour.  Charla and Mirna decide not to use the yield.  Good.

The Detour: either create some Malaysian art or find a licorice filled cookie in a batch of non-licorice filled cookies.

Charla and Mirna talk a lot.

Eric and Danielle have taken an interesting route, as have the blondes.  But, the blondes make it right behind Danny and Ozwald.  


Dustin and Kandice are going to use the yield, it sounds like.  

And they do, yielding Eric and Danielle.  Freaking Ice Queens.

Apparently, Charla and Mirna have fans in Malaysia (?!?) and they cheer them on as they eat cookies.  

Dustin and Kandice decide to the Malaysian art.  

“Those dirty, dirty hookers.  Those dirty pirate hookers.”  This is Eric's reaction to being yielded.  Fair enough.

I hate when people on reality shows read to much into getting screwed by another team.  You're playing for a million dollars.  Other teams SHOULD take advantage of anything they can along the race.

Ozwald and Danny have a little spat after initially going to the cookies part of the detour.  They start heading to the other detour, but eventually head back to the cookies.  

Charla and Mirna do call the audible, and head to create the art.

Dustin and Kandice finish making the art and are now in first.

Eric and Danielle finally wait out the yield and head to eat some cookies.

Dustin and Kandice are at the road block.   One team member has to bike around on a little rickshaw, gathering people's old newspapers.  This is where the blondes are at a huge advantage.  Any challenge where they can interact with the locals, they will dominate, seeing as they are hot blondes.

Danielle become the first person to find a licorice-filled cookie.  

Dustin and Kandice finish the road block before any of the other teams start it.

By the way, there's been no mention of Uchenna and Joyce for about a half hour.

Dustin and Kandice are the first to finish.  They each win a retro scooter.  I want a retro scooter.  I don't even know what it is, but I want one.

Kuala Lumpur looks awesome.  The people seem very kind.

Mirna gives a little kid a lecture about not doing drugs and staying in school.  God, that was annoying.  

Charla and Mirna come in second.  

Danielle ends up doing all the difficult roadblocks, while Eric watches on the sidelines.  

This sucks for the Amazing Race editors.  I think they haven't shown Uchenna and Joyce in the hopes that the viewers forget about them and think that they're watching a real elimination race between the third and fourth place teams.

Cue the sad music, because it's time to watch Uchenna and Joyce get eliminated.

I wonder if they even made them do all the road blocks and stuff.  They didn't show them, so I'm guessing not.

Tomorrow afternoon, we'll have an exclusive interview with Uchenna and Joyce.  

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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