'The Amazing Race 16' Recap: Trouble Buses and Trouble Cows
'The Amazing Race 16' Recap: Trouble Buses and Trouble Cows
The first leg of The Amazing Race saw the teams make preventable mistakes. You know, like painting the insides of someone else's house. This time, they face things they can't really do anything about: animals, both actual ones and mechanical ones. Well, that's just part of the equation.

Missing the buses: All ten teams start the same way: the same bus from Valparaiso, Chile, to the capital, Santiago. From there they'll have to take a bus to the city of Puerto Varas, some 500 miles away. Here's where things get a little bouncy.

Carol and Brandy formed an alliance with Joe and Heidi, and because of that, they grabbed the last four seats on the first bus. It didn't go well with everyone: Joe saved some space in the line for the dating couple, and everybody was just pissed. No problem: there's a second bus to Puerto Varas, but it leaves at 7:45pm.

But not everybody's content with that. Jet and Cord take an earlier bus, although it will stop at Temuco first. Two other teams--Brent and Caite, and Jordan and Jeff--take the same bus, but their connecting bus to Puerto Varas leaves earlier. Jody and Shannon take a gamble and ride the 8:30 bus direct to their destination.

The cowboys get cold feet, so upon arriving at Temuco they try to get tickets to the ditzes' earlier bus. It's in a separate terminal, so they decide to stay. It's something the two other teams don't realize easily, so they missed their connecting bus. They try to ride the cowboys' bus but they miss that too. They end up leaving for Puerto Varas at 1am.

Yes, I know, that was a bit hard to explain, but this pretty much sets the pace of this leg of the race.

Llamas or condors: Upon arrival, teams have to drive themselves to a hotel, where they'll take a boat ride to Isla Margarita and grab the clue. I'll have to say, the place is absolutely breathtaking despite the strong rain. Jet and Cord arrive too early, but they ended up getting the first clue: it's a Detour. They choose the llamas.

In a task that Carl from Jimmy Neutron will definitely enjoy, teams have to dress up a llama with a blanket on its back and a scarf around its neck. The animals, of course, can be stubborn, and they start running around for most of the teams... but the cowboys actually had a llama come to them, like a willing volunteer. ("Llama whisperer, you are," one of them said.)

But not everybody finds a dormant llama: Joe unsuccessfully tried to woo a llama, finally putting the costume on a sleeping creature, while Louie and Michael used sticks to stop them from moving. Let's just say there's a lot of blankets and scarves thrown frantically.

The other Detour involved teams wearing a condor outfit (complete with bird feet!) and "soaring" out to a buoy off shore. Nobody really flies. Brent and Caite just drop to the ice cold water, and the same goes for Jordan and Jeff, and Steve and Allie.

The struggles of driving manual: Getting around Chile proved to be a problem, since the cars they're driving isn't on automatic transmission. Sorry, people who can't drive using the stick. Male Jordan isn't good with manual drive, and to make things worse, they make a wrong turn and end up almost driving into the water. They're just at each other's necks. What happened to the team that jostled about the meaning of "fallacy" earlier?

Louie and Michael also had a problem with finding their way. After the Detour, they're headed to Onces Bellavista Farm, which is pretty easy to spot. The detectives go past that, and find themselves looking for a farm in the middle of Puerto Varas proper. They only realize their mistake when they bump into Jordan and Jeff, who were fresh off the Roadblock.

As all that is happening. Jody and Shannon are just driving along, well aware that they're last, but absolutely optimistic.

Moody, moody cows: Puerto Varas has a lot of German immigrants, and they brought with them German food. In this case, it's kuchen, roughly a cake. In this Roadblock, teams have to collect five ingredients that make the kuchen: a baker's dozen of eggs, a plate of butter, a sack of flour, a cup of sugar, and a cup of milk, fresh from a cow.

Now that's an issue, since the cows are particularly moody. (Would you like having... nah, I won't continue what I was going to say.) The cowboys, who got there first, obviously breezed through the cow and arrived at the pit stop--the Gruta de la Virgen at the city proper--first. They won a pair of sailboats, too. The other teams aren't so lucky: Carol and Heidi stuck with the alliance and worked together, only to face a cow that peed as milk was squeezed out of her. (Or was it something else?) Monique got kicked in the face, and was thrown away by the impact.

Things got down the wire between Louie and Michael, and Jody and Shannon. Thanks to the detectives' driving fail, they had to go neck-and-neck with the triathletes. A cow kicked Jody in the head. One of the detectives (I can't tell who is who until now, forgive me) slipped in the kitchen and had to reacquire everything.

The detectives eventually finished ninth, and Jody and Shannon were eliminated. I did see that coming, but it pains me knowing that I won't hear Jody sing "la cucaracha, la cucaracha" again.

Next week: Carol and Brandy start arguing, perhaps a side effect of rubbing the cowboys the wrong way.

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