'The Amazing Race 14' Season Finale Airs Tonight
For the fourteenth time, it all ends here: the last leg of The Amazing Race.  While this season isn't exactly the most exciting I've seen in a while, I'm actually thankful that the result is very much up in the air.  At least we don't have to sit back and nonchalantly say something like, "oh, Nick and Starr will win this," much like we probably said last season.  At least this will be a race to the end.

Three teams remain, and for all its worth, there's no clear-cut favorite.  (That's the other way of saying there's no genuinely likeable team remaining.  Mike and Mel, why did you go to the beach instead of the zoo?)  There's Tammy and Victor, the lawyers who started the race doing a more silent version of bickering, until they were woken up by a close call in Romania, and dominated for pretty much the rest of the way.  There's their adorable Chinese speaking, and then there's just plain adorable Tammy, and while Victor's toned down a bit, you might still want to strangle him because he's still annoying Tammy, oh poor Tammy...

...okay.  And then there's Cara and Jaime, who've largely remained under the radar until the possibility of them being the first all-female team to win the race floated.  I didn't really mind them until they got that far, and we didn't have much of a choice.  They seemed to be close friends with everybody, until they had to fend for themselves, and then we saw them getting annoyed at the locals at a higher intensity than the rest.

And then there's Margie and Luke, of which we already know a lot of.  A deaf kid whose knowledge of the race defies expectations, and his mother who does all the talking, or if you're recently-tossed Kisha and Jen, the nonsense screaming.

Tonight, it's the finale, and after going to nine countries scattered in ten legs or, the remaining teams head to Hawaii, where they'll have to do the usual do-you-remember-everything? challenge and the occasional pig carrying.  But the last leg would be more than that for one racer--karma will catch up with that person in question.  But how?  And why?  And... whaaaaat?  Well, it's the finish line, and it's a million dollars on the line, and it'll all boil down to this on the season finale of The Amazing Race, from 8pm on CBS.

Oh, and I did a handful of little slideshows about the three remaining teams.  Mind if you take a look?

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Images courtesy of CBS)