The Amazing Race 14: Previewing Episode 10 "Having a Baby's Gotta Be Easier Than This"
I think that, after having written that long rant-slash-whatever about the Luke-Jen feud on last week's episode of The Amazing Race, I've run out of things to say.  After all, last week's result was sooo obvious, the producers didn't waste time dwelling on the tragedy of sorts that is Mark and Michael's elimination--they even capped it off with slow-motion footage and slightly inappropriate music!  Instead, they had footage of the feud that blew out of proportion, and, uhh, blew it further out of proportion.

So, for my preview of tonight's episode, I'll be using a photo of the team that's in last place this leg, Cara and Jaime.  I guess their non-involvement of sorts in whatever big thing happened last week should be soothing, right?  Not stuck in the middle of a war, not stuck in a speed bump far away--just trying to get things right.

And then it should dawn on us: the feud is never over.

So the editors decide to, at least for the promo, skip any mention of the feud.  There's the foot massage that apparently hurts a lot--if someone's squeezing down your toes, then definitely, it will hurt--and then there's Jen's breakdown at some swimming pool in Beijing, where they have to swim the same distance Michael Phelps did.  (I knew it.  They'd make the Olympic connection sooner than later.)  For a moment, while still arguing with my parents over who started what, it felt that the swimming task was karma acting on them, but I guess it's just editor's karma, nothing more.  Nothing divine.

So we'll still see the two teams argue, eh?  To be honest, I'm already tired of it--and I'm already treating it with a ten-foot pole, at that.  And so this should be another interesting episode of The Amazing Race, sarcasm included.

Yes, I intend to sound this bored while reading.  I'm expecting a handful of surprises, though.  Editors won't tell us, for sure.  Let's just see tonight from 8pm on CBS.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CBS)