The Amazing Race 14: Episode 4 "It Was Like a Caravan of Idiots" Recap (Page 1/2)
The Amazing Race 14 took its final eight teams to the brutal cold of Siberia tonight where the racers competed in wood stacking and shutter making competitions.  Seems about right.  As much as I like seeing The Amazing Race visit random locales, places that normal people would never consider visiting, a location like Siberia doesn't bring much to the table for the viewing audience.  It's a depressing place, filled with scruffy-looking Russians drinking vodka, and provides little scenery of note.  Viewers of The Amazing Race want to live vicariously through the teams, but I can't name anybody (and I know some avid travelers) who dreams of visiting random towns in the depths of Siberia. 

Previously on The Amazing Race 14: Brad and Victoria, adventurous older couple, were eliminated after taking a risky flight. 

The Rooney Report:

Andy Rooney waxes poetic on what it means to be heroic.  He invokes the name of Sully Sullenburger, and then talks about some dude from a long time ago named Snuffy Smith.  He keeps talking about the guy named Snuffy for a few minutes.  He talks about how people at war are more heroic than people at peace.  That's your big point, Andy?  That people who are at war are more likely to put their life on the line than some dude walking down the street to his local supermarket after a day of answering phones in his cubicle?  Well played, Andy – you are leader in the clubhouse for 2009's Most Obvious Statement Award.  After Andy's sermon, we see a clip of he and Morley Safer playing Canasta in their pajamas while Murder She Wrote plays in the background. 

The teams begin the episode in Transylvania at Villa Panoramic.  Mel and Mike depart at 10:50pm for Siberia – they must fly to the Russian city of Krasnoyosk and find the location depicted on the back of the ten ruble note.  Amanda and Kris depart next – they are very likable and have to be the favorites to win it all right now, given their age, demeanor and athleticism.  Mark and Michael cannot pronounce the word “Siberia.”  Christie and Jodi decide to hit up an internet cafe before the airport.  Cara and Jaime's cab gets called by Mark and Michael's cab – Mark and Michael think they're talking to Lufthansa.  Cara and Jaime keep the ruse going for a little while, but then hang up before it gets too convincing. 

Christie and Jodi find what they believe gets them to Siberia the fastest.  They book something.  It looks like all the teams are getting different flights.  Jen and Kisha are flying with Mark and Michael.  As explained by Mike, it doesn't matter how anyone gets to Moscow – they'll all be on the same flight into Krasnyosk.  Mark and Michael, Kisha and Jen and Christie and Jodi were actually the only ones to make the first flight.  They have to wait until 8:30am the next morning.

Church of Saint Innokenty is the next destination.  Mark and Michael arrive first.

Detour – Stack or Construct

In Stack, teams have to use a traditional method of stacking firewood.  In Construct, teams have to build a set of traditional wood shutters, then install them at a house.  Mark and Michael decide to stack some wood, as do the other two teams.  Outside the wood stacks, some silly Russians sing and play the accordion.  The two female teams arrive first.  They have a butt load of wood to stack. 

Mid-morning, the other flight arrives.  Depending on the editing, there could be some catch up potential.  The Russians outside the wood stacks dance, smoke cigarettes and swill vodka.  Mark and Michael knock down their wood stack.  Whoops.  Mark and Michael decide they have to switch Detours. 

The final five teams race to the dam.  Amanda and Kris arrive first, followed by the rest.  Mark and Michael get to the shutter workshop.  Kisha and Jen finish stacking wood right before Christie and Jodi.  They have to head to an amusement park.  But, we learn that after the Detour, there is a new twist.  One of two Blind U-Turns.  It works like the U-Turns in previous seasons, except that the team who uses the U-Turn will not be outed as the perpetrators.  Neither Christie and Jodi or Kisha and Jen use the U-Turn.