The Amazing Race 13: Final 7 Power Rankings
It's about that time again.  We've seen enough of the remaining seven teams on The Amazing Race 13 to get a solid grasp of what each are capable of and which teams have weaknesses that may soon lead them to elimination.  The Amazing Race has been quite good this season.  I've thoroughly enjoyed the locations the teams have traveled to this season, especially the last two: New Zealand and Bolivia.  The teams are making their way to Asia soon, which should also be fun.  But, it's not like locations give certain teams any discernible advantage.  We know these teams pretty well at this point, at least well enough to know who the real favorites are. 

#7 - Andrew and Dan

Team Superbad has skated along, advancing in the race thanks to the pure ineptitude of other teams.  They don't do anything particularly well, and they aren't the fountain of humor that CBS wants them to be.  They aren't going to compete in any meaningful way with the best teams on the race, and it's only a matter of time before Phil informs them of their elimination.

#6 - Aja and Ty

They should be better than they are.  They may get along great outside of the race, but their tendency to bicker seems to throw both Aja and Ty off their game.  Even though they can get over it quickly, they are still momentarily blinded by their minor spats, and that will eventually bite them. 

#5 - Toni and Dallas

This is the most surprising team on The Amazing Race this season.  They are doing a whole lot better than expected.  They run solid, mistake-free legs.  Toni's age and lack of physical ability don't help, but they have been mentally strong in the face of challenges and keep on chugging along.  Still, you have to believe that Toni disadvantages will hurt them at some point. 

#4 - Nick and Starr

They've had a tough couple of legs, and Starr's injury isn't going to help.  Early on, I thought Nick and Starr might be the team to beat.  They're great advantage is their demeanor.  Nick and Starr get along splendidly and are both incredibly supportive of the other.  If they can mentally and physically get back on track, a victory isn't out of the question.

#3 - Kelly and Christy

I don't know how they're doing it.  Kelly and Christy continue to finish legs near the top of the pecking order despite noticeable mistakes.  Does this mean that their potential is higher than the other teams?  Would they have won every leg if it weren't for stupid mistakes?  Kelly and Christy are going to play the wild card spoiler in this race.  They might just win.

#2 - Terence and Sarah

If Terence and Sarah can avoid major in-team conflicts, watch out.  You saw it last leg – they pretty much dominated everyone else.  I'm pretty sure they could have beat Ken and Tina if it weren't for the fast forward.  They are in impeccable shape, and have shown to be smarter than I first assumed.  If it weren't for Ken and Tina, they'd be the prohibitive favorites.

#1 - Ken and Tina

They've won the last three legs in decisive fashion.  They are strong, smart and working well together.  I've said it before, but it bears repeating: Ken and Tina's strengths mesh well together.  Ken is an unparalleled physical monster.  He's also doing his best to please Tina and save their marriage – don't underestimate this kind of personal motivation.  Tina is a bit of a hard ass who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.  Barring a massive collapse, you can pencil Ken and Tina in for the final leg right now. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)