The Amazing Race 13: Episode 2 Recap
Major mishaps tend to happen rarely on The Amazing Race.  People get lost all the time, yes, but usually it's merely a result of not being able to spot what they're looking for.  They almost always know where to look for and what they're supposed to find.  On tonight's episode of The Amazing Race 13, there were a lot of major mishaps, and they involved the misreading of clues.  This shouldn't happen.  If you've seen The Amazing Race before, which I presume all of the current teams have, you know that it is imperative that you read exactly what you're supposed to.  Tonight was one of those semi-disappointing Amazing Race episodes where teams stayed in the same country for the entire leg.  Brazil is a pretty damn big country, I guess, so it's all good. 

Leg 2: Salvador, Brazil > Fortaleza, Brazil

Teams left early in the morning for the Salvador airport.  They had to find a flight to Fortaleza, Brazil.  Everyone ended up getting on the same 645am flight to Fortaleza.  Once landed, teams took taxis to the village of Cumbuco, and had to find their clue at the Praca do Combuco.  They then made their way to the beach and took buggies down the coast to Barraca de Manuel, where they encountered a Detour: Beach It or Docket.  In Beach It, teams took a buggy further down the beach and had to transport a small sailboat down the beach and into an inlet, using an ancient stone-rolling technique.  In Docket, teams went to a shipyard, searched through a computer database for a matching container number, then had to use the number to find the container in the shipyard.  Teams then took taxis to the Parque de Vaquejada, where they encountered a Road Block.  One player had to search a 600 foot wall filled with graffiti to find their next destination, which was written somewhere on the wall.  That destination was Cidade da Crianca, back in Fortaleza, which was the leg's pit stop. 

10th Place/Eliminated: Anthony and Stephanie

Anthony and Stephanie just ran a very mediocre race.  Nothing special about the mediocrity.  They didn't really have any massive screw-ups.  Their most egregious lack of game play came when Anthony took forever to find the destination on the wall.  He was clueless.  We didn't spend any time at all with these two this season, so it's hard to get upset with their elimination.

9th Place: Marisa and Brooke

Not the smartest girls in the world, but they get it done.  They wanted to go to Docket on the Detour, but they messed up and ended up at Beach It. That really hurt them, because the physicality of that challenge took its toll.  They lost a lot of ground there, and were lucky not to be eliminated.  

8th Place: Andrew and Dan

Andrew took ages at the wall.  He almost gave up at one point – frustration really set in.  It was one of those challenges where the players were killed when they tried to over think things. 

7th Place: Kelly and Christy

It's a small wonder they weren't eliminated.  They mis-read the clue on the Detour, and searched for a container that applied to the Docket clue for a long time.  Their fruitless search cost them a couple of places.  Even so, they finished the wall road block early, but thought their taxi had left.  After trying to hail one for some time, they finally realized their taxi was waiting for them the whole time. 

6th Place: Nick and Starr

Nick had a hell of a time trying to figure out the wall challenge.  He read far too much into it, and tried to combine words, thought maybe the answer was color-coded.  Still, I think this is a team to be reckoned with going forward. 

5th Place: Toni and Dallas

Toni and Dallas get the Good Samaritan award this week.  They stopped and told Terence and Sarah, after the road block, where to pick up their taxi.  Terence and Sarah were hopelessly lost and, without the help of Toni and Dallas, may have been eliminated tonight.  Good on them, but I would have been ruthless and let them wander.

4th Place: Aja and Ty

They dominated the Beach It Detour, and made up a lot of ground in the process.  These two are going to be good.  They get along exceedingly well, and are both athletic.  Plus, they're likable. 

3rd Place: Terence and Sarah

These guys are going to fight it out on every leg.  Terence is so damn sensitive all the time, and when you combine that with how he is ruthlessly mean to Sarah so often, the combustibility factor is always going to be high.  However, that being said, they are fast and in great shape and competitive as all hell.  They could win, they could get eliminated next week.  It's a toss-up.

2nd Place: Mark and Bill

They were the only team to pick Docket, and it worked out wonderfully.  Even though it was a needle in a haystack kind of challenge, they rocked it because, well, they are very smart.  I'm completely on the nerd bandwagon at this point.  Really nice guys, these two. 

1st Place: Ken and Tina

Ken is an all-world athlete and he's trying to impress his formerly estranged wife.  That adds up to one scarily motivated machine of a man, who could lead his team to victory.  Tina's no pushover either, though she got a little annoying tonight in the airport.  Still – it showed that Tina is confident, and is the kind of person who gets things done, doesn't take no for an answer.  They have a great chance of winning the million.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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