The Amazing Race 12: Top 8 Power Rankings, 4-1
There's this really loud, motivated and loyal following for the goth team of Kynt and Vyxsin out there that has kind of confused me.  You can check any of our The Amazing Race 12 articles, and the comment sections will have many examples of unrequited adulation for Kynt and Vyxsin and admonishment of the author for not mentioning or praising the goths more.  Now, I can understand if there are members of the goth culture out there who simply want to support their own.  Fine.  I like Kynt and Vyxsin.  But, what I don't understand is praising (or being angry with me for not praising) Kynt and Vyxsin for reasons like “they compete” or “they're not terrible at the game” or “they're normal.”  If you're a member of society, you should be somewhat competent at The Amazing Race; it doesn't mean you're special, even if you wear a ton of make up.  On to the rankings.

#4 – Kynt and Vyxsin

We didn't see much of the goths last episode.  Maybe they just need to yell at each other more.  I think that the goths will be a middle of the pack team, maybe finishing in fourth or fifth overall.  They compete well, but athletically Kynt is a bit of a liability and it's not like Vyxsin is a super star. 

#3 – TK and Rachel

This couple is very inconsistent.  They get along really well, work together really well, but seem to make big mistakes from time to time.  Last episode, they finished milking their camel first, but then went the wrong way down the wrong path, and cost themselves a chance at first place in the leg.  Rachel is one of the tougher females on the Race – witness her team-saving furniture performance in Amsterdam.

#2 – Lorena and Jason

I'm chalking up last week's camel incident as a fluke.  Any winning Amazing Race team is going to have a close call at some point in the season and the dry camel almost got this couple eliminated.  But, all you needed to see was their complete determination after the camel milking, coming from behind to nip Marianna and Julia by less than two minutes.  Don't let the dry camel fool you -these two are for real.

#1 – Azaria and Hendekea

Tactically, there's no question: Azaria and Hendekea are the best team in the game.  They are the smartest, most logical, most physically duo.  They have the advantage of a sibling rivalry that will allow the two to push each other without fear of hurting the other's feelings, a worry for almost any other group.  They are the odds-on favorite to win right now, and it's not even close.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)