The Amazing Race 12: Finale Recap
The Amazing Race 12 ended tonight.  It's always hard to say goodbye to one of your favorite shows, but it's easier when the finale is unremarkable.  The problem with Amazing Race finales is that, no matter what, it's going to be anti-climactic.  The epic-ness of The Race is why the show is so good (at least to me) and when, in the last episode, that first place team runs to that last podium, with only a dozen or so other people in attendance, the whole production seems wispy and underwhelming.  At least tonight's finale ended in the somewhat mysterious terrain of Anchorage, Alaska.  Since Race always comes full circle and ends in the US, the producers usual choose a large metropolis to welcome the Racers home.  Tonight's finale was the first one I can remember that actually felt close to as foreign and unknown as the other locations on the Race.  The ending wasn't exactly a photo finish as the CBS promos had promised, but it did come down to the wire. 

Leg 12: Taipei, Taiwan > Anchorage, Alaska

The teams departed Taiwan and were told to fly directly to Anchorage, Alaska.  From there, teams went to 6th Avenue Outfitters to get their next clue.  They then took taxis to the Boat Launch.  At the launch, the teams encounter their Detour – they must either filet a large fish and find a small metal canister inside or wade in a pool full of crabs and find their clue.  Next, teams took a taxi to the 20 Mile River where they took a long speed boat cruise to an ice cliff, which they then had to climb using ice picks.  From there, the teams took cabs to an open field, the location of their final Road Block.  One team member is given a bunch of items from each country from the race.  They have to place a specific combination of items onto a stage, one from each country.  The catch: there are specific requirements (three animal items, two modes of transportation).  After they completed the task, they took a taxi back into the city to find the statue of Captain Cook. Their next clue sent them down onto the city streets to find another statue, this one of the Salmon Hooker (if you saw it, you'd understand).  From there, teams made their way to the final destination – Kirkwood Airport. 

3rd Place: Nicolas and Donald

They got killed on the Detour.  At the Outfitters where they picked up the clue, they neglected to take the necessary gloves for the Detour tasks.  They had to eventually go back to the Outfitters and, by that point, they had dug themselves a hole too deep to climb out of.  Nick could've caught up to the other two teams at the Road Block, but he struggled with that task like everyone else. 

Second Place: Ronald and Christina

Ron and Chris looked like they were going to win this thing.  They had a pretty clear lead until the Road Block.  Christina got frustrated with that task and allowed Rachel to finish and overtake her.  They were on TK and Rachel's heels for the rest of the leg, but it just wasn't enough.  On the bright side, it seems like the team grew closer together over the race and Ronald has learned to act like less of a jerk.  He even teared up when he and his daughter got to the finish line tonight. 

Winner: TK and Rachel

As they did for the entire race, TK and Rachel stayed upbeat and positive throughout the entire leg and pulled it out.  The MVP tonight goes to Rachel for taking her time and thinking through the very difficult road block.  It was pretty much the sole reason the hippies won tonight.

Watch for BuddyTV interviews with each of the final three teams starting tomorrow. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)

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