The Amazing Race 12: Finale Live Thoughts
The Amazing Race 12 ends tonight and, looking back, it's been a pretty good season.  For mega fans like me, I suppose any season of The Amazing Race is a good season.  The fact that, in the very recent past, CBS was flirting with the idea of discontinuing the series is enough to make any season a good one.  We're down to three teams: Ronald and Christina, TK and Rachel, and Nicolas and Donald.  There's a pretty good chance that we'll get the first multi-generational race winner, with two of the teams comprised of the usually unsuccessful young/old combination.  I'll be here throughout the episode with live updates on the action. 

TK and Rachel discuss their game plan - stay calm and slow down. 

The teams have to head from Taipei to their final destination city of Anchorage, Alaska. 

Nic is proud of his grandpa.  He's right - most people his age wouldn't have held up as well as Don. 

Ron and Chris get their tickets first- they are on the first flight.  They also get access to the lounge - which has internet access.  Woohoo.  TK and Rachel get on the same flight.  Same with Nic and Don.  That was an easy way to bunch the teams up. 

The teams head to 6th Avenue Outfitters - from there, they get a clue telling them to go to a Ship Creek Boat Launch on the water, near a metal bridge.  Next, the teams have a Detour - they either have to filet a large fish and fine a miniature canister somewhere inside the fish or they have to find their next clue in a pit full of live crabs. 

Ron and Chris are way in first place, because the other two teams have a real hard time finding the Launch.  They find the canister in the big fish before the other teams even start their Detour.

TK and Rachel choose to do the crab challenge.  They have to jump into a big tank full of crabs and find the clue - I think they chose poorly.

Nic and Don really messed up - back at the outfitters they forgot to pick up the necessary gloves for the road block.  TK and Rachel are having second thoughts about their choice of Detour.  They're getting clawed buy the crabs.  Nic and Don decide to filet the fish. 

TK and Rachel find the clue - they're behind Ron and Chris on their way to 20 Mile River and a boat launch there. Ron and Chris are about 20 to 25 minutes in front of TK and Rachel. 

Alaska is pretty freaking beautiful. 

Next, the teams take a crazy speed boat ride down the river - they don't have to do the driving.  They're going through glaciers and whatnot - it's awesome. 

TK and Rachel's cab driver doesn't know where the river is.  Ouch. 

After the boat ride - teams have to climb about a twenty-five foot high ice cliff.  Both team members have to do it.  Ron is going to have trouble with this.  They have to do the dual ice pick thing going up.  The glacier is incredibly steep. 

TK and Rachel are in second, on their way to the ice face.  They catch up to Ron and Chris while they climb.  Christina is having trouble.  She can't get over the first little cliff.

Christina is still struggling after the commercial break.  She can't get a hold in the glacier at all.  Nic and Don show up just a few minutes behind TK and Rachel.  Chris finally figures it out and they remain in first place. 

Ron and Chris get to the next clue box.  They have to taxi to a field for their final road block.

The final road block is cool: there is a bunch of items from throughout the tasks they formerly used on the race.  They have to place a specific combination (three animals or animal by-products, etc.) of ten items on a stage.  The catch is this - you have to use only item per country  and there is only one combination. 

Rachel and Christina are matching up on this road block while the men watch on.  Nic and Don arrive and now everyone is stressed and together.  Tense stuff. 

It looks like Rachel is making up ground.  Christina thinks she's done, but she has nothing from Ireland. Rachel thinks she's done, but she messed up three countries.  This is crazy.  Nobody can figure it out. 

Nic and Christina are freaking out, but as is her MO, Rachel stays calm and starts to figure it out.  And she does and her clue box opens.  Quite dramatically, I might add.  Nic and Chris are devastated. 

Teams have to take a taxi into the city and find the Statue of Captain Cook, but they don't know that.  They are only told that they must find "Cook's Eye View of the Inlet."

Christina finishes soon after and TK and Rachel's cabbie is having difficulty.  But, they get to the clue first.  Next, they have to find the Salmon Hooker - it's a statue.  Ron and Chris are right behind them.  The next clue is sending the teams to the Kirkwood Airport and run to the finish line!  It's going to be a sprint to the finish. 

ALl the teams are there waiting and....


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)