The Amazing Race 12: Episode 6 Recap
The Amazing Race can be fascinating in the sense that the health of a team's relationship will always eventually sift itself out.  Traveling, in general, is a good indicator of sometimes dormant frustrations and that's only multiplied by the stress of both racing and being constantly filmed.  Good relationships will weather the inevitable fighting.  Bad relationships will self-destruct.  And sometimes, traveling will bring two people close together.  The teams ran the gamut of emotions tonight in one of the better Amazing Race episodes of the season, which saw the six teams use four different flight combinations to reach their destination of Dubrovnik, Croatia. 

Leg 6: Vilnius, Croatia > Dubrovnik, Croatia

The teams departed in the middle of the night from Vilnius and were told to catch a flight to Dubrovnik, Croatia.  The airport's ticket counters opened up around 4:30am and the teams scrambled to find flights that got to Croatia.  Teams ended up splintered, using a number of different cities to connect into Dubrovnik.  Once in Croatia, teams went to the Fort of St. Lawrence.  The first task was a road block and it forced one team member to sort through a pile of stones until they found one that fit in one of the fort's walls.  After that, teams zip-lined across to a tower. Next, was a Detour in which teams chose between Long and Short, and Short and Long.  They either had to zip-line into the harbor, then jump in a row boat and row around the harbor into a marina, where they found their next clue or teams had to repel down the side of wall, then climb up the side of a different wall on a rope ladder and then weave their way through town to the next clue box.  The next clue told teams to catch a cab up to the Stone Cross located above the city which was the location of the leg's pit stop.

1st Place: Ronald and Christina

They're coming around.  Ronald had one blow up at the airport, but after that he and Christina pretty much got along.  That's what happens when you win, I suppose.  Their flight got in early and they ran a solid leg.

2nd Place: Kynt and Vyxsin

They had a bit of trouble with the road block, but from there it was easy going.  The promos for next week showed the goths getting into a big fight, which would be their first of the season.  I think they'll get through it.

3rd Place: Jennifer and Nathan

It was ugly to watch tonight.  Their relationship is, by all accounts, over.  Or, at least it should be.  They say awful things to each other, Jennifer seems emotionally unstable and I have no idea why they were together in the first place.  I kind of wish they'd get eliminated so we didn't have to watch them yell at each other anymore.

4th Place: TK and Rachel

This is my favorite team in the race.  They get along incredibly well, are remarkably laid back and are having a good time racing.  I could hang out with these guys in real life.  More importantly, I'd even like to travel with them. 

5th Place: Nicolas and Donald

Donald doesn't do anything.  Nicolas is pulling all the weight for the team.  They barely finished in front of A and H, even with a big lead.  They are the odds-on favorites to be eliminated in two weeks, when The Amazing Race returns.

6th Place/Eliminated: Azaria and Hendekea

They messed up at the airport.  That was it.  One mistake, and now they're going home.  They accidentally booked business class tickets (not allowed on the race) and ended up getting on a later flight than everyone else. We'll have an interview with the brother/sister duo up later tomorrow.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)