The Amazing Race 12: Episode 5 Recap
Part of the reason (or maybe most of it, it's hard to be sure of these things) I love The Amazing Race is that I love traveling.  Occasionally, some random place I've been will show up on The Amazing Race, and it makes me happy.  Sometimes, like tonight, the teams will visit a city and a country I hadn't previously thought of as a legitimate travel destination.  Sadly, my thoughts on Lithuania before tonight were restricted to the seedy, crumbling negative stereotypes widely held of Eastern Europe.  But, look, they have windmills and squares and pastries and festivals with stilts and crazy costumes!  I want to go to Lithuania now.  Tourism Board of Lithuania, you owe CBS some money. 

Leg 5: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso > Vilnius, Lithuania > RumšiškÄ—s, Lithuania

Teams departed Ouagadougou to Europe en route to Vilnius, Lithuania.  The teams took various connectors from Paris to Vilnius.  Once in Vilnius, teams picked up specially marked cars and were told to drive to St. Anne's Church.  At the church, teams ran into a road block in which on team member had to act as a messenger.  First, they were given the name of a person located in a nearby square.  After they find the person, the team member is given another name, a store to find them at and a package to deliver.  Once they deliver the package to the final person, the team member received their next clue.  Teams then departed by car to the village of RumšiškÄ—s where they went to the Open Air Museum of Lithuania.  There, a festival was taking place and teams encountered a detour: Count Down or Step Up.  Teams either counted the number of pickets on a long fence while being distracted by villagers, or walk on stilts on a long path without falling.  From there, the teams were given their final clue – they must run across a field to Aukstatija Windmill, the leg's pit stop. 

1st Place: TK and Rachel 

From worst to first.  This was almost entirely due to TK finding a personal guide through the messaging road block, while most other teams had at least some difficulty.  They also breezed through the stilt portion.  This is the most likable romantic couple on the show, and seem like an awesome couple of people. 

2nd Place: Kynt and Vyxsin 

I'm liking them more and more.  They're smart, ruthless without being cruel and surprising adept competitors.  It was pretty funny seeing Kynt so excited to see all the freaky festival costumes. 

3rd Place: Ronald and Christina

After a couple episodes off, Ronald returned to his old, incredible mean self.  Seeing someone completely lack a filter on what they say, especially when speaking to their own daughter is just appalling.  I guess Christina is just used to it. 

4th Place:  Azaria and Hendekea

I think CBS is playing up all of their arguments, trying to create some tension between that's just not there.  I have three siblings, and I understand their arguments.  Nothing will be lingering, no one's feelings hurt – all conflict will be momentary.

5th Place: Jennifer and Nathan

Most dysfunctional Amazing Race couple ever?  They say the worst, most hateful things to each other in the heat of battle and somehow make up once they finish the leg.  The promos for next week see Jennifer saying she hates Nathan.  I don't know what to make of these two. 

6th Place: Nicolas and Donald

Nicolas started the road block before anyone else, and almost finished last.  That is unacceptable.  The more we see of Nicolas, the more he seems like a brash kid, someone who the other Racers don't like too much.  It's a little surprising they're still around – you have to give it up for Donald, who's hanging on. 

7th Place/Eliminated: Shana and Jennifer

They couldn't find the church, simple as that.  That's the reason they lost this leg.  Everything else went smoothly, save for some bickering at the detour, but had they just got to the church in a reasonable amount of time, they'd still be around. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)