The Amazing Race 12: Episode 10 Live Thoughts
The Amazing Race 12 hits us up with its penultimate episode tonight, and I'm rooting for TK and Rachel.    No bones about it.  I'd be rooting for them anyway, just because they're my favorites, but I'll be rooting doubly tonight, as they are in last place and will have to weather a speed bump to stay alive in the Race.  I'll be here throughout the hour, giving updates as the episode moves along.

The teams start in the glorious city of Osaka, Japan. 

TK and Rachel have to make up three hours and overcome a speed bump.  Difficult. 

Ronald and Christina head out first at 7am – the teams have to head to the The Floating Garden at the Omeda Building.  It's an observatory, but the teams don't know that.

Is this the episode that Jenn open hand slaps Nathan?  Let's all hope so. 

The Floating Garden is crazy, just a big hole in between monster skyscrapers.

Ha, it doesn't open until 10am.  TK and Rachel are going to make up a real good amount of time.  They depart the pit stop almost right as the observatory opens. 

The teams find the next clue – they have to fly to Taipei, Taiwan.   Is it at all suspicious that the show would add one random clue that allows TK and Rachel to catch up?  I say yes. 

The three leading teams head to the airport – TK and Rachel have a hard time finding the Floating Garden.

Nate thinks Thai food comes from Taiwan.  Hmm, not so much, my man Nathan.  The first Taipei flight leaves at 1pm.  This should allow TK and Rachel to catch up.  Maybe. 

Nic and Don get a 1:35 flight.

TK and Rachel walk right past the clue box on the observatory.  That is brutal. 

Jenn and Nate flip out at each other and, it turns out, its Jenn's birthday. 

TK and Rachel finally find the clue box. 

Christina is playing mean.  Not a fan.  She and her father get a 1pm flight, Nic/Don and Jenn/Nate get a 1:15 flight.  Chris and Ron touch down only minutes before the second flight. 

TK and Rachel catch up two the second and third place teams in the immigration line in Taipei. 

Ron and Chris reach the next clue at the Taipei Main Station – they have to take the high speed rail to the city of Taichung.  TK and Rachel, Nic and Don and Nate and Jenn all make the same train. 

From Taichung, teams have to take a taxi to the city of Gigi to a place called Acrobatics Jeep.  There, teams encounter a Road Block – Tricky Ride.  First, the team member has to be a passenger in a truck as a stunt driver drives on to a huge, suspended teeter-totter, which is insane.  Next, they get into an amphibious Jeep, and you ride underwater for 17 seconds while holding your breath. 

Teams now have to go back to Taipei, to a tea house.  At the tea house, they have to drink an entire cup of tea to get their next clue. 

Ronald finishes the stunt riding.  Soon after, TK and Rachel show up in second place.  Rachel does the stunt driving.  After they finish the road block, they get their speed bump. : head a mile down the road and compete in a crazy ritual.  They put on a fire guard outfit and run through fireworks that are being aimed at them.  After that, they get doused with water. 

Jenn and Nate finish the road block, followed by Nic and Don.  Ron and Chris catch the first train back to Taipei. 

TK and Rachel race back to the train station.  It's going to be close...they might just make the same train as the other two teams.

TK and Rachel make the same train as the other two teams!!!!!  Yes.  Jenn flips out about it.  She's pretty whiny tonight.  She complains about TK and Rachel not even trying, yet still succeeding on the race.  Whatever.

Ron and Chris drink their tea.  The last three teams get off the train and take their cabs to the tea house. 

After drinking their tea, they have to figure out what the Chinese characters inside the tea say.  Ron and Chris find out that they have to find a clown in the night market.  Ron and Chris find the clown and get their next clue.  It's a Detour – Fire or Earth.  They either have to light and fly into the air twenty lanterns with sayings on them.  In earth, the teams have to walk over a 220 foot course of jagged rocks. 

Ron and Chris do earth.

Nic and Don find the market first.  Ron and Chris finish the detour and head to Chang Hai-Chek Memorial Plaza, the next pit stop..  I know I spelled that wrong.  Sorry. 

Nic and Don get the next clue first, followed quickly by TK and Rachel and then Jenn and Nate. 

Jenn and Nate decide to take the subway, which is definitely stupid. 

Jenn and Nate fight like little girls in front of a huge crowd on the streets of Taipei.  Silliness.

Nate calls Jenn a poor teammate, and Jenn says “thanks for ruining my birthday.”  Nice couple. 

Ronald and Christina finish in first place.  They win a five night trip for two to Curacao.  They're pretty happy.  This was definitely the most well-behaved Ron's been all-race.

TK and Rachel finish the stone walk in front of Nic and Don, but not by much.  Jenn and Nate show up last, but TK and Rachel have a hard time finding a taxi.  But, so are Nic and Don. 

All three teams are now relying on their cabbies. 

TK and Rachel arrive in second place.  Awesome. 

Wow, it looks like Nic, Don, Jenn and Nate are arriving at close to the same time.

Nicolas and Donald finish in third place.

Which means...

Nathan and Jennifer have been eliminated from the race.  On Jenn's birthday, no less.  They are devastated. 

Next week brings the finale. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)