The Amazing Race 12 Afterthoughts: Episode 7 -- Did I Fall Down a Rabbit Hole?
Wow, talk about role reversal! In a matter of days, what was good is now bad and vice versa. It seems like just yesterday on The Amazing Race when I was talking about how nicely Kynt and Vyxsin and TK and Rachel treated each other. And I was also talking about how badly Jen and Ronald were treating their partners.

Last episode Jen was telling us and Nathan how much she hated him, and this episode she told him that she loved him. I guess it's easy to love him when things are going their way. On the other hand, it about broke my heart when TK played that passive/aggressive disappointed card on Rachel. And Kynt and Vyxsin fighting was terrible to watch.

Ronald was acting his normal obnoxious self to Christina so I knew I was watching the right show. I only hope that when he watches himself on the show, he realizes what an ass he was. There is no call for the disrespect that he shows her. If she has esteem issues, I'd bet he's the cause of them.

TK and Rachel had a rough leg. Rachel left their clue and they had to go back and get it. TK could not find the Vinci clue from the air and they went from 2nd to last. When they finally managed to get ahead of Kynt and Vyxsin, their tire blew out! Their relief at finishing the leg fourth was palpable.

The only team to have a worse leg was Kynt and Vyxsin. “The Pink and Black Attack” started off at the front of the pack, only to end up last. They got lost when their exit was closed and Vyxsin ended up driving all night. That set the pace. Later Kynt yelled at Vyxsin about having a temper tantrum, but what I saw was him having one, demanding that she stop the car now or he was jumping out.

I guess I put them too high on a pedestal. They're human and have 'those' days, I was just sad to see their meltdown. They were tired and irritable and took it out on each other. In spite of being last, they're still in the race. I hope that after they get a little bit of rest, they will be back to the team that we like.

We were told before the season began that there would be no non-elimination legs. Psych! Luckily for the Goths, that's not true. Unluckily, perhaps, there is the new twist this year. At some point in the next leg, they will encounter a Speed Bump and will have to do a task that no one else will have to do. This could be interesting, I'll wait and see before commenting on it.

One of the old twists was the Fast Forward. I don't think I liked this one. I know they have to make the task more difficult, but a tattoo? This is more in line with Uchenna and Joyce having to shave their heads, than the other Fast Forwards. But having said that ... you go, grandpa! I was impressed that he went along with it. I'm with the kid on this one, I'd have been disappointed had they not come in first, too.

And once again we have to hear Jennifer whine about them not coming in first. Nathan did so well on that road block, but all she would do was complain about not taking the fast forward and perhaps not being first. Gosh, I hope this is not a foreshadowing that they never come in first until the very last leg and win this thing...

Hopefully next week The Amazing Race world will right itself and what's good will be good again, and what's bad will be eliminated, ha ha ha.

-Ladytex, BuddyTV Forum Moderator
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