The Amazing Race 12: A Look at the Final Three - Nicolas and Donald
Nicolas and Donald have beaten the odds on The Amazing Race 12.  Multi-generation teams are always at a disadvantage because, frankly, older people generally have a difficult time adjusting to the rigors and physical demands of the Race.  Donald is the grandfather of Nicolas and, for a man in his sixties, he is in good shape but he's still struggled mightily on almost every leg of the Race.  This has forced grandson Nicolas to shoulder the load: he makes all the decisions, carries his grandfather's bags and is forced to constantly motivate the often exhausted Donald.  Despite all of this, the teams has endured all the way into the final three, surprising everyone, and now they have a fighting chance to win a million dollars. 

How They Got Here:

The duo has finished second to last in three of the ten legs.  They started the Race in the bottom half of the pack over the first three legs and, thus, no one really expected them to hang around.  Their most memorable moment was probably in Leg 7 when they decided to try the Fast Forward.  Little did they know that to complete the Fast Forward they would have to get tattoos. Don was reluctant but after urging from Nic he went through with it and the duo finished in first place during that leg.  Other than that, Nic and Don haven't really flirted with first place on any other leg.  However, they have yet to make any major mistakes, and this can be attributed to the intelligence of Nic who, given the fact that he's had to carry the team, could be called the single most impressive player in the game. 

Worst Point:

It's hard to pinpoint any one moment when Nic and Don were at their worst, but I thought there lowest point was in the Vilnius University Courtyard, when Nic had a big lead on everyone else, but couldn't deliver his package because he couldn't find the little shop.  A number of teams passed him and, had they lost, it would have been a devastating defeat. 

Chances of Winning:

I would say low.  Considering they've only won one leg, and that was with the aid of a Fast Forward, I think Nic and Don are the least likely of the final three to win the million.  Weirder things have happened, however, and it seems like a lot of fans will be wholeheartedly rooting for a multi-generational victory.  It would be The Amazing Race's first. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)