The Amazing Facepalm: The Most Idiotic Moments from the 'Amazing Race' Premiere
The Amazing Facepalm: The Most Idiotic Moments from the 'Amazing Race' Premiere
Last night's Amazing Race premiere brought us many moments that, in the 90's, would have provoked a "d'oh!" but now it's all about the facepalm. So here are the moments that made us slap our foreheads with second-hand embarrassment. And yes, most of these moments are courtesy of Vicki.

Ron and Tony: "One of our strongest suits is being able to navigate really well." Unfortunately, despite their compass, London's crazy backwards driving sent Ron and Tony into a downward spiral.

Andie and Jenna stall out in the middle of the road. 
AR facepalm2.png
I can't be too critical, though, because I don't know how to drive a stick and probably would have done the same thing.

Vicki: "This is the first time I've ever even heard of Stonehenge and then I found out it was a bunch of rocks."

The disastrous shell boats. I think the only team that got it almost right away was Gary and Mallory, everyone else was literally sinking.

"I didn't expect that right out of the gate!" and other Brook-isms. You can tell that Brook had the lowest expectations possible for Claire, and really didn't think she could do anything. As a result, any time Claire succeeded in any way, Brook was completely blown away.

Katie and Rachel: "It's the nerds," "The nerds! They're so nerdy!" This moment was somewhat idiotic and very mean. The Amazing Race just found its new mean girls.

Chad and Stephanie can't find the Pit Stop.  Oh it was painful. And no one else had trouble finding it . . . 

Nick and Vicki: "Are you a battlement? I don't understand . . ." this plus their inability to find the boats made this episode more painful than a sleeve of tattoos.

Phil: "What country are we in?" Vicki: "We're in London," Phil: "That's right, the country of London." Give them a break, Phil, they've had a really rough day. But aren't you glad they're still in it? They're such good TV.

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