Potential Slogans for the New 'Amazing Race' Snapple Flavor
Potential Slogans for the New 'Amazing Race' Snapple Flavor
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
As a TV critic, I'm used to getting cool things in the mail from networks trying to promote their shows. To date, the best gift has been soap on a rope, courtesy of Prison Break, but that was replaced when a giant box full of Snapple's new Amazing Race iced tea arrived at the offices of BuddyTV.

As a huge TAR fan, I was as excited as this week's winners, Gary and Mallory, when I saw the big box full of Snapple's new, limited edition flavor, Mango Papaya, as featured on the latest leg of The Amazing Race. It doesn't matter that I don't really like mangos or papayas, what matters is that getting to drink this iced tea may be as close as I ever come to running the race (or traveling to India).

I'm able to make strong associations to television, so now that I can drink Snapple's new Mango Papaya Iced Tea, I'll always associate the flavors with Luke's fruitless struggles as he tried desperately to find the correct flavor among thousands of tea cups. But to help promote the fusion of Snapple and The Amazing Race, I thought I'd offer a few new slogan suggestions to help get TAR fans even more excited.

"Snapple's Mango Papaya Iced Tea: Tastes peachy."

-In honor of Mallory's misguided assertion that the tea she was drinking tasted like peach

"It'll make you feel like you're being lifted in the air by a group of small Indian men."

-In honor of Luke's moment of triumph after spending all day trying to find the right flavor in a hilarious moment where the gangly deaf giant was lifted up like a king

"Phil yourself up with Mango Papaya Iced Tea."

-In honor of Phil Keoghan, host of The Amazing Race

"Fat with flavor, just like Ganesha."

-In honor of the racers' debate over whether the Hindu goddess Ganesha was fertile or just fat

Snapple probably won't be using any of those, nor should they try to integrate the words "Detour," "Roadblock" or "Pit Stop" into their slogans since those words don't really make a drink sound that good for your digestion. They should also avoid the show's nickname, TAR, since that doesn't sound very appetizing either. But at least Amazing Race fans can try to capture the highs and lows of this week's episode with its very own flavor of iced tea.

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