The Amazing Race 14: Season Finale "This is How You Lose a Million Dollars" Recap (Page 3/3)
Jaime takes the cabbie's phone number and finds the address immediately.  Good news.  But, the cabbie has to stop and get gas.  Bad news.  Tammy and Victor show up at the Surfboard Fence.  Victor decides to do the challenge.  Luke has eight of the eleven boards finished when Victor starts.  Victor and Luke have both taken their pants off, because their suits are falling off.  It's mildly disturbing. 

Luke gets eleven surfboards up and fenced, but he doesn't have them all right (weirdly, he messed up the final two China legs).  It's kind of tough, because they don't tell you which ones you mess up.  Jaime and Cara finally show up, not all that far behind Tammy and Victor.  Luke keeps missing on the final two surfboards.  Jaime freaks out once she starts, not recognizing any of the pictures on the boards.  Luke's futility continues, and you can tell he's getting really pissed off.  Victor is moving right along, almost caught up to Luke.  Jaime is just sorting out her surfboards.  

Luke just wants to give up.  Jaime appears to be making up a whole lot of ground, working slowly and deliberately.  Luke gets one of the final two right that he's been getting wrong, so he has one left.  Victor also has one left, Jaime needs only two more.  Victor finishes, gets their final clue.  They have to head to a gold club (whose name I'm not going to bother trying to get right).  The important thing is that it's the final pit stop, the finish line.  Luke helps Jaime out, and they finish, and in return she helps out Luke.  They both finish, Jaime and Cara now in front of Margie and Luke.

Luke breaks down, disappointed, in the car ride.  Jaime is also upset she couldn't remember the first one, but, man, she made up a lot of time.  

Tammy and Victor reach the finish line first, and by a fairly wide margin, it appears, because CBS didn't even bother trying to make the finish exciting.


They were probably the most deserving team.  They were the best all season long.  Jaime and Cara finish second, Margie and Luke third.  Stay tuned for Amazing Race coverage tomorrow, including interviews with the final three teams.  

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer