The Amazing Race 14: Episode 10 "Having a Baby's Gotta Be Easier Than This" Recap (Page 2/2)
Detour - Sink or Swim

In Sync, teams have to perform a synchronized diving move and land in the water at the same time.  In Swim, teams have to swim 400 meters, eight lengths of the pool each while wearing the Speedo Lasersuit.  It's the thing that Michael Phelps wore.  Cara and Jaime have a hard time finding the pool.  Tammy and Victor opt to do the diving.  Jen watches on, scared as hell. 

Tammy and Victor are having a really hard time syncing up.  Why would you not swim 800 meters?  So easy.  Cara and Jaime do the swimming, as do Margie and Luke.  Jen gets up on the diving board, and just can't do it.  Too high - three meters.  So, Kisha and Jen get off the diving boards and prepare themselves to swim. 

Cara and Jaime swim, taking their time, but make good progress.  Kisha and Jen get going, very very slowly.  There are a lot of Michael Phelps remarks made, and I will not talk about any of them.  Kisha ends up crawling down the lane, moving at snail's speed. 

Jaime and Cara are the first to finish, and head to Drum Tower across town.  It's the pit stop on this leg of the race.  Margie and Luke are slow, but steady on their swim.  Jen and Kisha decide to switch again, go back to diving, which is asinine.  Even if you crawl down the pool, you'll still finish in a fair amount of time. 

Meanwhile, Tammy and Victor still can't get an acceptable dive down.  The judges aren't very kind to them.  Jen, after her first dive, needs more time to get back on the board. 

Have these people never watched diving before?  Start at the same time, take two or three steps, sync up, and go.  They aren't even close to jumping off at the same time.  Tammy and Victor contemplate switching to the relay, which they should have done in the first place.  Tammy is not a good swimmer, which is why they initially opted for diving.

Jen and Kisha decide to switch again.  But, first, Jen has to cry in the hallway and freak out.  I understand being scared of stuff, but this is ridiculous.  You're playing for a million dollars - sack up.  "I wanna go home," Jen whines.

Kisha tries to get Jen to man up, but she continues to sob uncontrollably.  Tammy and Victor easily finish the 400 meters in about 10 minutes.  They head to the pit stop, leaving Jen and Kisha alone at the pool.

Margie makes fun of Jen and Kisha's lack of swimming ability.  Jen and Kisha finish strong in the pool on the task that they should have done initially.  They are allowed to wear life jackets, which obviously helps.  Victor and Tammy find a cab, but they can't leave because Victor is having crazy leg cramps. 

Jaime and Cara are team number one.  Good for them.  However, this leg of the race is not over!!!!  Phil hands them their next clue, and they immediately cut to credits.