Exclusive Interview: TK and Rachel, Contestants on 'The Amazing Race 12'
Exclusive Interview: TK and Rachel, Contestants on 'The Amazing Race 12'
Before season 12 of The Amazing Race began filming, BuddyTV got the chance to talk to the contestants, creator and host of the show to get their thoughts on what was to come. Check back all this week as we unveil our exclusive video interviews of the 11 brand new teams.

TK and Rachel, the eccentric fun-loving couple are excited to put their dating relationship to the test as they embark on a once-in-a-life time journey around the world on The Amazing Race 12. BuddyTV had the opportunity to sit down with this couple to talk about the upcoming Race, where they are in their relationship, and what they're hoping to accomplish on the Race. Watch the full video interview below.



- TK and Rachel are going in hoping and planning to be a team that will have a good time, meet new friends, and take home the $1 million dollars.

- Fans are most likely to associate their style with the hippies.

- When asked what they would like to accomplish by doing this race, first and foremost they want to win and be as successful as they possibly can. They would also like to finish the Race together and to be closer than they were before. They would like to use this opportunity to test their relationship in a high stress environment.

- Their strategy would be to stay friends, stay respectful, and stay calm. They hope to go into each task with a positive attitude.

- They will stay focused on themselves and not paying attention to other teams. They don't want to waste their energy on getting upset with others.

- No matter what happens during the Race, they always want to remember that they are the ones that put themselves in the Race, so they want to enjoy and make the most out of every moment.
- They would like to invest their money and put a down payment on a home would be their ultimate goal.

- They are willing to do any challenge to win the prize money, but they are not willing to jeopardize their relationship with one another or their integrity and character. They believe they are going to come out on top without having to compromising their morals or integrity.

- Fans can expect to see a goofy, fun couple ready to turn up the heat when it comes down to it.

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-Interview conducted by Royce Yuen
(Image courtesy of CBS)