Crowded Streets and Cow Manure in Varanasi on 'The Amazing Race'
Crowded Streets and Cow Manure in Varanasi on 'The Amazing Race'
Last time on The Amazing Race, Margie and Luke suffered a pretty devastating defeat. Luke drank about a hundred gallons of tea before receiving their product placement clue, and couldn't make up the time from there. This week, they're still in India, and if anything, The Amazing Race always reaffirms that I don't think I would enjoy visiting India. Ron doesn't enjoy India, but Ron doesn't enjoy anything.

Gary and Mallory got to try the new Amazing Race Snapple flavors first for their win in the last leg, and they get to depart for the Tonga Stand in Varanasi first. Which is better? Kent and Vyxsin were eliminated the last time they were in India, so they're hoping to make it farther this time. I love when the teams tell the people at the airport or travel agency that they're in a race, as though racing around the world is a totally normal thing that anyone would understand. The teams are all getting on flights that will get them in Varanasi at 10:45 a.m. except Jet and Cord, who get on a flight that arrives at 11:45. Aww!

The cowboys are nowhere to be seen for the second time this season. Too late, they realize that the other teams are all on the earlier flight. It sucks. Kent and Vyxsin just can't catch a break, as Kent hits his head on the trunk of the car. Ron and Christina get re-directed, and Zev and Justin's cab driver stops for gas. These cab drivers (most of them) know the meaning of a race!

For the first Road Block, the teams have to find six holy men for six clues, that they will unscramble to find "the meaning of life." The streets look absolutely insane, and the team member completing the task only has pictures to go on. AGHHH, I get stressed out just watching. Jet and Cord finally arrive as the rest of the teams seek the meaning of life.

I'm glad Ron is doing this Road Block, because it is hilarious. Kent and Gary are working together, and Jen and Big Easy have teamed up. Ron's on his own. Zev struggled with all the noise but Mallory gave him earplugs. Jen is the first to receive her clue, and Big Easy and Justin find each other to assemble their words. Jet and Cord arrive at the Road Block, and Christina, Mallory, and Vyxsin are worried.

As Vyxsin tells us, "the cowboys are incredibly efficient." They sure are! Kent charged ahead of Gary and got the clue, but Gary got it soon enough. Ron is still at it. The clue sends the teams to Tulsi Ghat, for a Detour: Feed the Fire, or Feed the Buffalo.

For Feed the Fire, the teams will make manure patties and slap them on a wall, then boil some milk for "the local children." For Feed the Buffalo, teams will pick up a large load of hay and carry it "through the narrow streets." Teams are always carrying heavy items through the narrow streets on The Amazing Race!

Zev and Justin grab the hay, followed by Flight Time and Big Easy. Jet and Cord head to Tulsi Ghat before Ron even gets his clue. Oh, Ron! It looks like he isn't even in the same place as the other teams. He thinks the men might want to take a refreshing dip in the water.

Kisha and Jen get to work rolling the poop, and the local children giggle as Kisha and Jen dry heave. They argue over the poop, or the size of the poop, or something. In the end the children get their milk, though.

Running the hay gets complicated as the teams have to avoid a pack (or whatever you call a group of them?) of cows, who want to eat the hay and clog those narrow streets! Once they receive a clue, the teams will go to Ramnagar Fort, where Phil is waiting for them at the Pit Stop.

The cowboys get their Detour and decide, "we gotta carry hay!" Stick with what you know, or whatever involves touching the least manure. Mallory has a special bond with cow manure, having worn the exact same outfit the last time she had to fish that pitchfork out of a big pile of manure (thanks a lot, Stephanie!).

Flight Time and Big Easy check in first and win a trip to Hawaii. They can drink all the Amazing Race Snapple they want there. Zev and Justin arrive second. Meanwhile, at the cow poo, that lady is a real stickler for her poo packs. Jet and Cord make their way through the cow-packed streets like pros (because they are pros).

Kent and Vyxsin get in a water taxi, but quickly decide that the boat taxi driver is "a psycho," so Vyxsin jumps out of the boat (!) and tries to get back to shore and into another water taxi. I've really come to like Kent and Vyxsin over the last few episodes, and I especially liked when Kent scolded Vyxsin: "Get out of that water!" So they decide to get out and off of the water completely.

Kisha and Jen check in third, followed by Gary and Mallory in fourth. Jet and Cord, in an amazing comeback, check in fifth. Kent and Vyxsin throw some poor guy out of a land taxi, and it's a race between them and Ron and Christina, who opted for the water taxi. Kent and Vyxsin check in sixth, sopping wet but still in the race.

Ron and Christina arrive last, and Phil eliminates them from the Race. Ron tells Phil that they have no regrets. He ate a lot of good food along the way.

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