'Terra Nova' Recap: Murder He Wrote
'Terra Nova' Recap: Murder He Wrote
On this week's episode of Terra Nova, Taylor intensifies his search for the Sixer's spy and Jim gets tangled in a sticky web of murder and family troubles. Also, bugs in Terra Nova are disgustingly huge and very untrustworthy.

Tree of Despair

Taylor is busy interrogating Boylin about what he knows about the Sixers. Boylin says that they are only trading partners and that he doesn't know anything else about the spy. It's no big deal Taylor, Boylin is just bringing in fine Cuban cigars in return for guns and medicine. That sounds legit to me. For some reason, Taylor doesn't believe him and decides to give Boylin a little bit of noise torture by ringing a loud alarm. It could be worse Boylin, you could be subjected to Miley Cyrus for 24 straight hours like they do at Gitmo.

The Shannon household is preparing for the Harvest Festival where Zoe will be playing Taylor in a play. Josh talks with Jim and asks him to check in on his boss. Jim goes to talk to Boylin and finds him drugged up to his gills. That's not torture at all Taylor, that's a free high! Taylor leaves and Boylin, thinking that he is talking to Taylor, tells Jim about the Pilgrim Tree. Jim leaves and finds the tree with the help of Malcolm and discovers a skeleton buried there. It looks like Terra Nova has its own One-Eyed Willy buried with secrets.

The Tiniest Spy

Jim takes the skeleton to Elizabeth in secret to have her run tests on the skeleton. It turns out that it was from a middle-aged male who only had one arm and died of a gunshot wound. I bet there were a lot of middle-aged one armed men in Terra Nova so this should be a tough mystery to crack. Jim tells Elizabeth to keep this a secret, which seems like it would be hard considering the office that they are keeping the skeleton in is made of glass windows.

Outside, Maddy is doing her best Steven Spielberg impression and directing the play. They are interrupted by a giant dragon fly who we saw Mira talking to at the beginning of the episode. I thought Mira was just a crazy person who talked to bugs, but it turns out that the dragon fly was being used as a Sixer spy. Talk about "bugging" an enemy camp (Guffaw.) The bug is taken to Malcolm who says that the chip it was carrying was of course destroyed so they couldn't get any information from it. Also, the bug has a damaged wing so it won't be able to lead them back to its owner.

Quid Pro Quo

Jim goes to visit Boylin who is busy cleaning up his bar which was trashed by Taylor. Jim uses his supercop skills to have Boylin give him more information about the body that was found. Boylin tells him that he helped Taylor bury the body because they used to be BFF's, but doesn't know anything else. He said that he was given the bar for his silence and doesn't want to get involved, but adds that Lucas called the body in from 2149 on his own.

In the infirmary, Malcolm discovers the skeleton and goes to tattle to Taylor about it. Taylor confronts Jim and Elizabeth, but they say that they didn't want to bother Taylor with a minor detail such as finding a dead body in the woods. Taylor says that he'll let it slide, but it would probably be a good thing to report a corpse that is found.

Play Time

It seems that everyone is enjoying the Harvest Festival. How can you not enjoy fruit kabobs? During the play, Jim and Elizabeth watch their daughter play Taylor, which I still think is terrible casting and nepotism because she's the director's sister. It seems that Hollywood is even unfair in Terra Nova. There is another character, named gen. Fillbrook, who only has one arm. Jim and Elizabeth realize that they should talk about Filbrook instead of watch their daughter's play, which is just bad parenting.

Karma pays them back when Taylor arrests Jim as a suspected spy. During the play, Malcolm miraculously repaired the bug's wing and put a tracking device on it. They followed the fly into the Shannon's house, so Jim has to be a spy. It couldn't be that the bug was only doing what bugs do and invade people's houses.

Family Values

In the jail cell Taylor tells Jim to stop his investigation and he'll be let free. Jim says that he won't do that so Taylor does his worst. Actually, he doesn't do anything but tell Jim exactly what happened. Taylor should know that isn't how you intimidate people. It turns out that Lucas had called in Fillbrook to relieve Taylor of his duties, but Taylor didn't want to step down. He killed Fillbrook and banished Lucas into the jungle.

Why? Well it seems that Lucas wanted to exploit Terra Nova's resources to make the future a more livable place, which went against Taylor establishing Terra Nova to make a brighter future for humanity? What? It seems that Taylor is just an egomaniac that stifled helping the billions of people in 2149 because he liked his jungle view from his office. Jim, for some reason, decides that he'll help Taylor oppress the people of the future by robbing them of the chance to use the resources from the past. These are the good guys right? They celebrate with fireworks, which I'm sure sent all the dinosaurs into a frenzy.

It looks like the picture is becoming clearer about what Lucas is up to, but Taylor comes off as a slimy, selfish politician. He was literally kissing babies at a speech! I don't mind rooting for the bad guy, that's what made The Shield and Sopranos so great, but at least they were portrayed as bad guys who you were rooting for. On next week's episode, Taylor and Mira have to team up to fight dinosaurs in the wild. It'll be like the Odd Couple, only with the better chance of being eaten!

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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