[Video] 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 Trailer: The Wolf Pack Is Back And Things Are Getting Dangerous
[Video] 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 Trailer: The Wolf Pack Is Back And Things Are Getting Dangerous
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Teen Wolf is back on the prowl starting June 3, but MTV has released an extended trailer for season three before we reconnect with Scott, Derek, and the whole hairy gang. And it looks like the upcoming third season is going to be darker, scarier, and full of (surprise, surprise!) new attractive people. Sign me up!

The third season picks up four months after the dramatic conclusion of season two, when a new all-alpha pack comes into town to start trouble. If your memory of where we left off is a little hazy, don't worry because MTV is airing an hour-long recap special on May 27 at 10pm to get you all caught up. 

Of course, you could always just waiting until June 3, take the day off, and watch the all-day season two marathon concluding with the first episode of season three. Who said there can never be enough Teen Wolf

Check out the extended trailer below for a sneak peak of what's to come on this new, 24 episode season of Teen Wolf then read on as we try to unravel the promo:

Are you ready for all that drama? All that action? All those shirtless boys in the locker room, Teen Wolf's favorite (and in the first season practically only) location? I know I am!

So what have we learned from the trailer? Well first, if you cut together a lot of dramatic scenes it's really hard to tell what is actually going on, but it makes you really, really want to watch the new season. But what else? 

Alphas, Alphas Everywhere!
Derek and Scott are going to be dealing with the big boys in season three, as a pack of alphas come into town and start causing chaos. Uncool bros. 

Jackson's MIA
Show star and resident walking abs Colton Haynes abandoned Teen Wolf for Arrow this season, meaning a conspicuous loss of Jackson popping out of small bodies of water shirtless in season three. Expect to hear one line in the premiere about how Jackson has gone to be a professional lacrosse player somewhere far, far away.

Alison's Still Shooting Things
Would Alison Argent be as much fun if she wasn't always secretly hiding some lethal arrow heads on her person? 

Lydia Still Seems Confused
After being used by the formerly crispy Peter Hale last year, Lydia doesn't seem to have cleared up any of her confusion this season. Just what is she anyway? 

There Will Be Blood
The tag line for season three of Teen Wolf is "This Might Hurt" and it looks like it might be more than a scratch for some members of the cast. Derek (or Scott? the trailer moves fast) is instructed to kill one of the members of his pack. And Scott's mom looks like she might not be long for this world. 

Scott Becomes An Alpha? 
In a thrilling moment in the trailer, Scott's yellow eyes turn a bloody, Alpha red. Does that mean Scott is going to be taking charge this year? 

A Love Interest For Stiles
In a blink-and-you-miss-it moment early on in the trailer, Stiles appears to be macking on a cute girl. Has our favorite sidekick finally gotten over his crush on Lydia and moved on? And just who is the lucky lady?

Will Scott Make It? 
In a season promising big shocks and high body counts, the last moment of the trailer is a chilling one. Alison leans over Scott, desperately calling his name. Is he dead? Is he napping? Is he shirtless in the locker room while doing so? These are all the important questions I expect Teen Wolf will answer when it returns for season three. 

Are you looking forward to season three of Teen Wolf? What do you think is happening in the trailer? Share your theories in the comments! 

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