[Video] 'Teen Wolf' Sneak Peek: Evil Demons, Troubled Hands and a Surprise Kiss
[Video] 'Teen Wolf' Sneak Peek: Evil Demons, Troubled Hands and a Surprise Kiss
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
On last week's Teen Wolf, black masked smoke demons attacked! Who are they and what do they want? Argent has some idea what's up since he had a mask of his own, but he was weakened somehow too. Check out what's happening next on "Silverfinger."

Who are they after? The black masked smoke demons have already tagged Derek, Aiden, Ethan and Isaac. Are they looking to tag others? Or was that just the beginning of their evil demon plan?

Watch the trailer for "Silverfinger." Prepare yourself, it's freaky!

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Highlights from the trailer:

  • Who are they after? Good catch phrase to set a freaky tone for the episode. I'm already scared for what's going to happen to our Teen Wolf faves! 
  • What's up with Stiles' hands? In the last episode, he realized he wrote the clue on the blackboard pointing to Kira. What else is he unwittingly doing?
  • The black masked smoke demons are freaky, scary, creepy! Scream! Run! 
  • Who does Argent come face-to-face with and why did the guy have a gun pointed at Argent? At least Allison has her aim back and easily disarms him. 
  • The twins believe Scott's the target, but he worries it's not him. Is it Kira?
  • Something is clearly wrong with Stiles. He doesn't look good at all. He's concerned about his hands.
  • Agent McCall asks "Who the hell is this?"
  • Scott wants his dad to wait. What's out there?
  • Derek gets his wolf on!
  • "They're demons and they're unstoppable."
  • Scott falls to the ground. 
"Silverfingers" doesn't look like an episode for the faint of heart. Will someone be hurt? Or even worse ... killed?

At the end of the trailer, there were two images which flash for a second. The first was Stiles looking at his crumpled hand. Whatever is happening to him, it's not good. Is it related to his affliction? Or something entirely new? Poor guy!

TW 317 Stiles Hand.jpg
The other quick screen shot was of a kiss between Allison and Isaac! Do they finally kiss? Or, is it not what it seems? Since the image is upside down, it could mean something funky is going on. Unless of course, it's some weird Spiderman-like kiss. Though from the background it looks more like an upside down photograph.

TW 317 Allison Isaac Kiss.jpg
Does the trailer have you freaking out? Do you want Isaac and Allison to kiss for real? And, place your guesses in the comments: Who are they after?

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays at 10 pm ET on MTV.

(Image and video courtesy of MTV.)