'Teen Wolf' Season 3: What Bad Guys, Relationships and More Can We Expect?
'Teen Wolf' Season 3: What Bad Guys, Relationships and More Can We Expect?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Teen Wolf season 2 has ended. Sigh. But that just means it's time to look forward to Teen Wolf season 3! We don't know when the show's third season will begin, but we do know that it will be super-sized -- 24 episodes. What can we expect from all of that Teen Wolf? Some hints from the season 2 finale might point the way.

A Whole Pack of Alphas

As Erica and Boyd had the misfortune to learn at the end of season 2, there's a new pack in town. A new pack of Alphas, to be precise. While we know little about these new, presumably badass wolves, we can at least assume that they are a threat to the good folks of Beacon Hills.

Will they be villains? Allies? Something else? And how do you have an entire pack of Alpha wolves anyway? Doesn't that defeat the entire pack-mentality dynamic?

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Oozy, Yucky, Evil Grandpa Gerard

There's no way he's dead, right? Not yet, anyway. Bad guys like Gerard don't just get to die off-screen. We need more finality than that. Thus, it's likely we'll see Grandpa Argent stroll back into town at some point.

Alternatively, could someone have stolen Grandpa's body for some reason? Body-snatching would be an excellent way to introduce a new problem into the werewolves' lives.

Co-Co Captains?

Since Stiles is suddenly awesome at lacrosse, will the Coach let him be a co-captain in Teen Wolf season 3? And, if so, how many co-captains can the team have at once? That said, considering Scott's grades and Jackson's never-ending monster issues, Stiles might just end up with the job all to himself.

What's up with Allison and Scott?

The world's most star-crossed couple finally broke up! Not that either of them believes for a second that the breakup will stick. True love may travel a rough course, but it always gets there in the end. It seems likely that Allison and Scott will remain apart for at least a little while in Teen Wolf season 3, but I'd be shocked if no hook-ups happen before the end of the year.

What about Jackson and Lydia?

Now that Lydia's love has saved Jackson from his slimy, scaled self, does this mean they're getting back together? Knowing Jackson, the answer isn't exactly certain. Werewolf or not, Jackson is still a jerk. And Lydia is still far too good for him.

After all, there's always Stiles waiting in the background, certain to be a perfect boyfriend as soon as Lydia realizes the error of her ways.

Speaking of Jackson...

He's a werewolf now, right? Blue eyes or not, Jackson does appear to have joined the lupine ranks. The big question will be Jackson's choice of a pack. He got the bite from Derek, way back in the day, but it was Lydia who made the werewolf thing happen.

Lydia goes with Scott, Stiles and Allison, so would Jackson gravitate to Scott as a leader instead of Derek? Or could Jackson be an Alpha too? Co-Alphas?


Duh. Of course there's going to be lacrosse. A Teen Wolf without lacrosse would be almost as weird as a Teen Wolf with no shirtlessness.

And that would be awful.

What do you expect to happen when Teen Wolf returns for season 3? Which story seems the most interesting? What do you think will happen in all of the relationships? Leave your comments below!

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