'Teen Wolf' Recap: What is Kira's Secret?
'Teen Wolf' Recap: What is Kira's Secret?
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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This week on Teen Wolf, an escaped serial killer roams Beacon Hills on mischief night, while a few romances heat up. Nothing reminds you to seize the day more than the specter of your own impending murder. "Let's go out on a date tonight, for tomorrow we may be electrocuted!" is the number one way to get asked to prom in Beacon Hills High.

Once again, we seem to be smack dab in the middle of another two-part story arc. In the first half of season 3 (or 3A), it felt like the characters were hurtling from one emergency to the next with little opportunity to take a breath and regroup. The dramatic and narrative stakes are certainly still high in this second half of the season, but the show is taking some breathing room for character moments along the way. 

The balance of action and character development allows for scenes like the endearingly embarrassing sushi dinner and the Allison and Isaac shirtless showdown. The show even seems to be putting the ensemble to better use this season, incorporating the parents more fully into the action and finally beginning to flesh out Lydia's powers. 

Also, we finally get to see Danny. Hands-down, Danny has to have the best off-screen life of anyone on this show. He's just chilling out, being a top-notch computer hacker by night, lacrosse star by day, and breaking all kinds of hot dude hearts. Can we get Danny an Alias-style spin-off, please? 

I Scream, You Scream, Lydia Screams ... for Murder! 

The question of just what Lydia Martin is has plagued the show for seasons now. In the first half of season 3, we finally found out that Lydia was a banshee. Which meant ... she could scream really loudly? 

As far as a power, it seemed pretty lame. Everyone else is turning into werewolves and swamp creatures and shooting arrows and Lydia's excellent power is lung capacity? It felt like a bit of a letdown.

Thankfully, this episode goes a long way towards fleshing out her powers and showing their utility to the team. Sure, she might not be a sharpshooter or super powerful, but she seems to be honing her ability to sense weirdness. It would be great to see Lydia develop her powers instead of just being a helpless victim to them. 

Since she understands what she is, she can finally use her strange intuition to her advantage. It certainly worked out for Kira, since Lydia's Earth-shattering scream helped her realize what she was hearing weren't flies at all, but the hum of electricity from Barrow's power plant super villain lair. 

Stiles and Lydia have certainly grown a lot closer this season, as they're often the brains of Scott's alpha pack. While she might have been making out with Aiden earlier in the episode, it seems obvious she's got some feelings for Stiles developing. Their bond is growing, and Dylan O'Brien and Holland Roden always do such nice work together. 

While it's obvious Stiles is still in love with Lydia, he's no longer placing her on a pedestal. He actually sees who she is, just as she's coming to realize Stiles is a great person to have in your corner. I'm really enjoying the pacing on their relationship, even if sometimes I wish they would just smooch already. 

It's Always Electrocution Time in Beacon Hills

As far as creepy villains go, you don't get much creepier than Barrow. The actor's physicality really lends an especially creepy vibe to the bus bomber, and you can completely understand why Melissa McCall would be so unnerved by him.

Of course, the flies show there's something supernatural going on with Barrow as well. His obsession with glowing eyes seems to point to the fact that he can spot werewolves, but then why was he targeting Kira? Whatever Kira is, it's not a werewolf. 

Speaking of Kira, what exactly is she? When it comes to useful powers, being immune to electrocution is actually shockingly life-saving in Beacon Hills. It's amazing the town hasn't had a power shortage already, considering how often Derek Hale has been electro-tortured. 

Besides being able to control and suck up electricity, Kira's other superpower appears to be amazing hair. Scott is totally charmed by her lovely locks and her general levels of being adorable. Stiles encourages Scott to go for it with Kira, since his alpha powers make him the "hottest girl in the room." 

Scott, psyching himself up adorably, says, "I'm the hot girl," which you know will now become part of his new morning affirmations. "I'm the hottest girl in the room. I can read great literature while doing pull-ups. I'm a catch. I'm going to be my best self today. Just do it! Alpha time!" 

Isaac, pulling up to the conversation late, agrees. "Yeah, you are!" Then he looks longingly after Scott as he runs off to ask out Kira. Honestly, a threesome with Allison and Scott would totally be Isaac's best case scenario of how this love triangle works out. 

Kira feels left out and ignored at school, so she's shocked when Scott shows up at her door for dinner. Kira's dad really is in a constant state of punking her. Parental tip: don't ever invite over a cute boy when your teenage daughter is in her comfy pants. Kira looks like she was ready to watch The Bachelor and work on her night cheese, not charm Scott. Thankfully, her hair-related superpowers and some sushi small talk save the day. 

Kira's whole family is absurdly charming and Scott falls instantly in love with everyone, even though he nearly burns his face off with wasabi. True story: I knew someone who did the exact same thing and stuck a whole piece of wasabi in their mouth. It was painful to watch, but also super hilarious. 

Before anything romantic can happen between Scott and Kira outside, Barrow hits Scott over the head with a lead pipe and kidnaps Kira. Didn't her parents notice she had been gone for kind of a long time? Why did no one look outside when Lydia screamed loud enough to vibrate the air? 

Shirtless Showdown

Meanwhile, Allison is off looking up anything about flies in the bestiary. "You know this could take hours, right? Wouldn't I be more useful tagging along since I'm a professional sharpshooter? Right now, your back-up is an aluminum bat and really powerful lungs. I have a compact bow that can shoot someone's face right off. Nope, I should just do research quietly in my room? Okay, then. Your call, guys." 

Allison isn't finding much in the way of research except terrifying pictures of masks when Isaac comes in to help. Unfortunately, Isaac's idea of helping is to turn the sexual tension dial up to 11. 

"Hey there, mind if I lean over you to help you type? Do you like the smooth jazz I'm playing? I heard it helps with the research. Oh, those rose petals on the bed are just so we can mark pages in our books. Girl, I am all about this research. Let's find some stomach fly demons together. If you know what I mean." 

When Isaac finally goes in for the kiss, Allison freaks out about how she has sworn off werewolves. To prove her wrong, Isaac pops his shirt off to give her a preview of the gun show. 

I like that the only thing Isaac has learned from his time with both Derek and Scott is that shirtlessness is the only true path to success. Derek is like a magnificent, bare-chested Yoda of nudity. 

Of course, Allison decides to fight fire with fire for no discernible reason by also popping off her shirt. Two can play at that game! Gender equality! 

This is obviously the exact moment Chris Argent walks into Allison's room. Calmly, he summons Allison to his office, like he's going to fire her from being his daughter. He too is unhappy about her choice to sex up yet another werewolf. If only humans had such impressive pectorals! 

Crystal Reed and Daniel Sharman have such great comedic timing in all their scenes together that Allison and Isaac are really growing on me. The pairing seemed almost randomly thrown together last season, but their lighter scenes are really endearing. Both characters have been pretty serious in the past due to circumstances, so it's nice to see them with a funnier storyline. They both play comedy well and it's really fun to watch them together.

When the power goes out, Isaac is suddenly menaced by three figures in black with black masks. The door to Allison's room swings shut and Allison and Argent try to get Isaac to open up, to no avail. What are those creatures and what will become of Isaac?

Derek Hale Needs His Mommy

After a terrible run of luck, it really makes perfect sense that Derek wants to see his mom. Because this is Derek Hale, master of the saddest possible storyline, all he has left of his mom is a few fangs that didn't burn up in the fire. "Hi, mom!" Derek says, opening up the box from last week and shaking out some teeth. Slowly, Peter Hale starts taking big steps back.

He needs Peter to do something involving the fangs and his fingers, which is gross and makes little sense. Then Peter shoves his talons into the back of Derek's neck, which is probably like a calming massage to Derek at this point. 

He sees his mother's wolf form on the nemeton, but we don't find out what wisdom she imparted. However, Derek looks sweaty and panicked, so as usual it can't have been anything good. 

The Shirtlessness Count

There wasn't much showing of flesh in this episode. In fact, all of the shirtlessness took place in Allison's room. Since when does Derek have a dream sequence clothed?!?

Shirtlessness Count: Isaac pops off his shirt in Allison's room, so Allison pops off hers as well. That's two popped shirts. 

Best Pecks of the Episode: This has to go to Isaac, for the sheer audacity of randomly taking your shirt off in the middle of a conversation. Kids, don't try this at home.

What did you think of the episode? What are those things with the black masks? Have we see the last of Barrow? What do you think Kira is? Share your theories in the comments! 

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