'Switched at Birth' Recap: Emmett Lands a Cell
'Switched at Birth' Recap: Emmett Lands a Cell
Leaving off with the somewhat heart-to-heart last week, will this girls continue that this week in "The Tempest"? Just how long will their friendliness with one another last? Just about as long as I figured - not even an entire episode! While they didn't have some firey argument or anything, the tension is simply still there especially when they got into it over Daphne hanging out with Simone, an ex-friend of Bay's.

Fake ID's: Unique Party Favor and Guitar Face's Ticket to Fame

Wilke and his band, Guitar Face, are in dire need of some funds, and they have no idea how they are going to raise the money they need to make this crazy awesome video, which is supposed to market their band and get their name out there. Thankfully for Wilke, Daphne needs a fake ID and Wilke says he knows how to do it. But, he obviously doesn't. He gets online and looks up how to do it and decides that this is going to be how they make the money for the music video. He decides it's a unique party favor.

Bay's Catastrophe Dinner with Melody

As for Bay, she thinks Emmett's mom, Melody, hates her.Bay and Regina are going to go to Emmett and Melody's for dinner. When Daphne finds out, she is ultimately heartbroken and obviously not happy about it. She tells Regina that she doesn't like sharing her with Bay, which is just one of her many current problems aside from the Carlton basketball team and the fact that Angelo is back. Daphne finally tells John that she wants to stop playing with Carlton and wants to play with the Buckner team. This is her shot to succeed in the sport, and is a change she can make herself.

So, anyway, at the dinner, the conversation starts with Daphne. Moving on, though, Bay tells Emmett, "Let the games begin." The dinner was awful. Melody made fun of Bay's signing because she signed wrong for "hang out." But Regina lets Melody have it and tells her that she owes her an apology, which I must agree with. Regardless of the way she feels about Daphne not being in the picture, Bay is still Emmett's girlfriend, and she needs to learn to respect that.

Daphne's Bad Choice in Friends

Wilke is shot down by Daphne, who says he isn't her type. He had shown up at Joey's to be with her, and left within minutes of his arrival, heartbroken. But it doesn't take Daphne long to forget about Emmett or Wilke, and ends up kissing another guy, who apparently has a girlfriend. Hanging out with Simone could prove to be bad for Daphne, just as Bay was trying to tell her. We'll see just what bad luck Simone brings to Daphne and her world.

Emmett Goes to Jail!

Police show up at Emmett's house at the end of the episode. I wonder why? Regardless of why, he is unable to hear what they are saying, and is put down on the ground and slapped with handcuffs.

What did you think of tonight's episode of Switched at Birth? Why were the police at Emmett's house?

Stacy Smith
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