Survivor's Colby Donaldson Optimistic About New Show
Colby Donaldson, a runner-up contestant on the reality series Survivor: The Australian Outback, is now part of Rachael Ray’s daytime show, Rachael Ray.

Born in Christoval, Texas, Donaldson was previously a freelance auto designer prior to his exposure to television. This 32-year old reality show participant turned actor ranked second to Tina Wesson on Survivor: The Australian Outback and was the seventh contestant voted-off on the series Survivor: All-Stars. After this stint, he landed guest roles on several television shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Reba and Joey.

At present, he is tasked to help Ray and provide the viewers of “what men rally want.” In his February 20 appearance on Ray’s show, he attempts to use hidden cameras to prove his theory that “chivalry is not dead” which is a follow-up project to the “Girl’s Guide to Guys” segment that aired on January 31.

Moreover, He expresses his enjoyment with his inclusion to Ray’s show. He adds, "Audiences first got to know me being myself on TV having a wild adventure. I'm thrilled to now be with Rachael Ray enjoying this daytime adventure with real people," Donaldson told Us. "I love hanging out with Rachael and the food perks are pretty great too! It's good to know my days of eating bugs are over!"

In addition, he is also with Entertainment Weekly, helping them with interviews and set visits.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: RealityTVWorld