Survivor: Tocantins: Previewing Episode 12 "The Ultimate Sacrifice"
Looks like Sierra did get what she wanted--that position in the game that can make or break the entire thing.  And another thing she probably wanted--the sympathy of so many people.  Too bad it ended with her getting the boot.

But that's the irony of last week's Survivor: Tocantins.  We've seen it during the reward challenge: her fellow castaways don't like her.  Or, to be very nice, don't know much about her, after she doggedly pursued a dead alliance.  Then again, I was watching last week obviously on her side, not expecting that she'd suddenly take on Coach with a great possibility of success.  I thought she'd force the obvious to come to light.  I thought Debbie would be going, because she seems like she's just clinging on to something.  I was annoyed when Coach got immunity, but not so when Sierra finally left.

At least she made the jury.  If only she didn't have to go through that long, she's-a-liar-blah-blah-blah-blah-blaaaaah tirade that Coach had during Tribal Council.

But I'm actually hopeful that all that Sierra did during her last three days would give the other castaways time to think.  They actually did--would you vote out Debbie, or Coach?--and it felt like the old order was going to collapse.  Too bad old conceptions still went to the fore, and who is perhaps the most hated contestant in the show--among the castaways, note--went home.  And yes, I realize I'm babbling a bit.

Last few questions: why did Erinn (if I remember it correctly) vote for Stephen?  And does Erinn have a good position after all this?  I won't be surprised if she does.

Tonight's episode is cheesily called "The Ultimate Sacrifice", and I'm guessing it's Jeff Probst who says that.  One castaway will be given the chance to sacrifice personal comfort for the sake of the entire tribe.  The immunity challenge isn't going to be any easier, too.  But it's Tribal Council that you should watch out for--it'll twirl so many things around, and some castaways will end up revealing what they're in here for.  Coach, are you about to budge?  Who knows?  Survivor: Tocantins airs tonight from 8pm on CBS.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CBS)