Survivor: Tocantins: Previewing Episode 9 "The Biggest Fraud In The Game"
Oh, poor, poor, poor Joe Dowdle.  Perhaps one of the suckiest things that could happen to a Survivor contestant is to get eliminated without getting voted off—the dreaded medical reason.  It hits you without knowing it—Joe said it best: “my body blindsided me,” or something like it—and, despite how much you beg and plea, you have no option but to go home in a less ceremonial and more frantic manner.

It was a bad thing for someone watching it like me, partly because he left for something that could’ve been prevented—there was, err, considerable foreshadowing when the leg wound-slash-infection was pointed out a few episodes ago—but mostly because it’s literally anticlimactic.  I was in the middle of watching Survivor politics at its best—the newly-merged Forza tribe quickly forge alliances, decide on who to vote off, change their minds, change their minds, change their minds, you get the drill.

What made it more exciting was the one thing I honestly didn’t see coming: a Brendan-Coach face-off looming in the background.  One guy made the cross-tribe alliance that piqued our interest for the first half of the season, and managed to look like he’s the good guy, at least initially.  The other guy is, well, simply warrants some smacking with his arrogance and his way with beans.  Brendan and Coach will fight it until the end, trust me, and the others below them will have to choose sides.   And freely switch between them.

Ooooh, tonight must be interesting.

On tonight’s episode of Survivor: Tocantins, apart from that face-off—which got quite a lot of play as last week’s episode ended—there will be a little shake-up, and it involves the first individual reward challenge.  Or, I don’t think I should call it that.  Three people end up sharing the spoils, and they’re an unlikely bunch, and while adversaries end up bonding, old alliances crumble and get worried.

Then again, it would’ve been a shame to see the first half hype go in a snap.  That’s tonight’s Survivor: Tocantins, from 8pm on CBS.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CBS)