'Survivor: South Pacific' Ends, Good Riddance to Redemption
'Survivor: South Pacific' Ends, Good Riddance to Redemption
At the end of the Survivor: South Pacific live reunion, Jeff Probst announced the coming of a new twist in Survivor, as it enters its 24th season in February. The new Survivor will be called Survivor: One World and will, as John suggested in an earlier article, house both opposing tribes on one island, in one camp. This is a great idea, and could make for some mixed alliances (and avoid "pagonging"). I just hope they don't bring back any more returning players. 

Redemption Island wasn't working for 2 reasons: Redemption Island seemed to be more of an extended reign of terror for one or two players than a twist, and the Survivor veterans drew so much focus, that it couldn't create any new All-Stars or winners from the new Survivors. Granted, a new player actually won Survivor: South Pacific, and this final jury was much less lopsided than last season's, where it was clear that Boston Rob would and should win. Had Ozzy made it to the final vote, though, it would have gone to a veteran hands down. Read the live finale recap here!

Survivor: One World offers a new twist in the game, and a better chance at longevity for the Survivor franchise, provided they don't bring anyone back this round. I'm not opposed to recycling players--we love to see our favorites return, but Redemption Island focused so heavily on the familiar faces, that we didn't gain many new characters to add into future All-Stars or Heroes/Villains seasons, which I hope they may do again some day. 

This season, the clear new All-Stars were Brandon and Cochran, who were each simultaneously heroic and villainous, depending on the day. We knew that neither of them stood a chance at winning, which works for the franchise, because they can return to the game for another chance. But they also didn't stand a chance at winning, because Ozzy and Coach were involved. I'm quite surprised Sophie managed to win, after witnessing how veteran-centric the entire season was. Each tribe followed their returning player almost blindly. Coach ruled the Upolu tribe like a mob boss, and Ozzy owned Redemption Island from the moment he got there. It was Coach's vote to lose, and had he not been so apologetic, he would have won.

Redemption Island is practically designed for a veteran win. Maybe that's what we needed for a few seasons, though. It's called Redemption, after all; what would it be without giving two familiar players a shot at their own redemption? Would we be disappointed, even infuriated, if the tribes chose to oust the veterans right away, paddling in the direction of a more classical game? Is that even a practical option? We may never know for sure, as Survivor has already moved into its next twist. But if Jeff's off-hand idea of a Hantz vs. Hantz season ever becomes a reality, we'd be right back at this quandry.

This season was far too Coach and Ozzy-centric, as was the reunion. So, I'm pleased to see that this new, 'One World' twist will put the game back in the new players' hands, and provide for some interesting cross-tribe alliances that should make for a more interesting merge situation. 

Some final, completely un-related thoughts on the reunion: isn't it weird how it's like a reverse Biggest Loser finale? People get so skinny on the island. Don't some people look totally weird with makeup? Who knew Ozzy's skin and facial hair were so perfect, or did he paint it all on? Keith could not have looked goofier. Read the full reunion recap here

How do you feel about Survivor: One World based on what little we know so far? How would you feel about a Hantz vs Hantz season? 

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