'Survivor: Samoa' Recap: What Went Around Almost Didn't Come Around
Last week on Survivor: Samoa, Russell half-orchestrates Betsy's elimination, but it's Ben who gets to the hot seat with his attitude.  This week, thankfully, isn't really a one-tribe show.  I guess patience really pays--a lesson that both tribes, it seems, are learning, or getting to grips with.

Foa Foa is still reeling after Betsy being voted out instead of Ben.  Jaison wants him out, calling him a "mental plague" on the tribe.  Ben, on the other hand, thinks everyone are "pansies", claiming that the tribe can't start a fire, much less survive, without him.  And of course, there's Russell, claiming he's the only one playing the game, but we can toss him aside for now.

So far, Russell's still sticking with his alliance with Ben, since he's still needed with the challenges.  His plan is to kick Ashley out, because she apparently spearheaded to kick Ben out--and he also wants to kick out anyone who attempts to kick Ben out.  Empowered, Ben goes to Ashley, but says that Russell didn't tell him about her plan.  She's confused, but she quickly clears up after asking the rest of the tribe.  Nobody's told Ben anything.  I'm frustrated because she didn't figure out it was Russell.

Over at Galu, also known as sunshine-and-rainbows-land, Laura leads a handful of her tribemates to a yoga session, and Shambo ain't happy.  "I feel alienated from my tribe," she says, "because I'm not in the 90210 clique."  She laments that while the rest are doing yoga--in Laura's words, they're not in "game mode"--she continues providing for everyone.

It's another combined reward and immunity challenge this week, and it involves retrieving four crates off-shore and creating a puzzle out of it, which they have to solve, of course.  Like last week, it's also a physical challenge, with contestants attempting to slow down their opponents.  Galu, as always, dominated this whole thing, winning with a pretty comfortable lead.  The reward: pillows and other comfortable stuff, but Jeff tosses dreadlocked tribal chief Russell a choice: the pillows, or camp gear.  He quickly picks the pillows, saying that "if the make the women happy, we're gonna be happy."  Are you being a playa, yo?  The guys don't seem happy with it, and so does Shambo.

The win also meant Galu gets to send someone else to Foa Foa, and this time, it's Shambo.  Things are much different that when Yasmin came around: very nice introductions, a lot of hugs, and what Mick (or, in Shambo's words, "MickDreamy") called "a totally different vibe".  Shambo's also happy, since Foa Foa is closer to her age than her tribemates.  After complaining about the purples' yoga habits, she teaches them a few survival tricks.

But Shambo's positivity ain't changing relationships within Foa Foa.  Jaison's bent on kicking Ben out, especially after calling Yasmin "ghetto trash" last week.  "I'm willing to do just about anything to get rid of him right now," he says, and that includes quitting the game.  Russell surprisingly makes an alliance with Mick, to the extent of showing him the hidden immunity necklace, even if Mick's obviously on Jaison's side.  He still wants Ashley out, but quickly changes his plan because he wants to keep Mick and Jaison on his side.  Now he wants Ben out, although he's worried about keeping Natalie, Kelly and Liz as a voting bloc.

Tribal council pretty much revolves around two things: Foa Foa's love of Shambo, and Jaison's dislike of Ben.  "I would love to propose trading Shambo for Ben," he goes, which triggers an outright war of words between the country boy and the law student.  Jaison's still playing the racism card, and Ben claims he just reacts to whatever's been tossed at him, saying Yasmin deserved to be called "ghetto trash" because "she's from the ghetto and she speaks trash."  Jaison calls him a bully, and calls him ignorant.  Ben thinks his remarks aren't racist.  Ashley's just happy the spotlight's not on her.

In the end, the verdict is unanimous: it's Ben who's voted out.  He still doesn't regret anything, at all.  Ashley and Jaison are more than relieved at how things turned out.

Next week, Jaison's on the hot seat, and Foa Foa gets luck on their side.  I think.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CBS)