Survivor: Samoa: Previewing Episode 4 "Hungry For A Win"
I have this feeling that tonight's Survivor: Samoa will be the night when fate gets flipped around.  After three episodes and nine days, Foa Foa is the obvious loser, with four eliminated members and serious infighting--and Galu is the obvious winner, with a lot of luck and a lot of harmony.  Well, almost, if you remember Shambo

Well, then.  Remember the promos?  Why is Erik at Galu?  Simple answer, really.  Or more speculation, but it must mean the yellows won a challenge, right?

That obviously doesn't mean Foa Foa's getting their own dose of sunshine.  Russell--that Russell--is still at it, playing the game and considering the ousting of one of his allies.  I think it's Jaison.  These two aren't really a good match, if you noticed.  And I think he prizes Mick's trust more than anything else, because he's tribal chief, and he didn't head efforts to kick Ben out.  (Although he did support it.)

But one tribe member makes this surprising revelation which changes the game for this one particular person.  Should I smell some gunfire?  I think this set-up is going to crumble soon, and perhaps it's a good thing, because seeing one thing work perfectly while another thing self-destructs isn't exactly a riveting thing.  But riveting, still.

Survivor: Samoa returns tonight from 8pm on CBS.  Hopefully we can put our votes in now.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CBS)