'Survivor: Samoa' Premieres Tonight: Cue First Impressions and Puppet Masters
So, here we go again--another batch of castaways, another isolated corner of the world, and another 39 days of politics, or romance, or both.  Survivor: Samoa, in this case, has 20 of them, split in a couple of tribes, and a lot of big things to work on at the very beginning.

The very first decision is, of course, choosing each tribe's leaders.  I spotted the first three minutes through the folks at Entertainment Weekly, and it seems these chiefs will represent their respective tribes during crucial moments, at least according to Jeff Probst himself.  And that's where first impressions come in--they all have to make that decision quickly.

Oh, and here's the video, in case you're curious.

It seems they want us to pay attention to two people: Shambo and the small, evil Russell.  Shannon, best known as the girl with the mullet who seems stuck in the 80s, has described herself as a "people magnet", and it makes sense.  Russell?  You must've seen preview clips on the CBS website, with him planning to manipulate his tribemates outright--he didn't call himself the "puppet master" for nothing--going as far as to finishing off the tribe's entire clean water supply.  And they think he can do a good leader?

Well, I don't really know.  That's why we have to watch along.

Also tonight, a challenge involving logs, and if I heard correctly, someone will get booted out on the strength of that challenge alone.  I hope not, but then again, 20 castaways is a lot.  Survivor: Samoa premieres tonight from 8pm on CBS--oh, and if you haven't seen my slideshow of half-meant predictions, well, here's that.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of CBS)